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On Raspberry Pi


I gave one of my RPi's to my son to use as a PC for school (he has an xbox for games and media). So I was left with RPoD (my server - http/gopher), RPoA (my personal computer, I am typing this now in vim via ssh to RPoA from an ipad pro), and RPoJ which had a hosed FreeBSD installation.

I reimaged RPoJ today to Manjaro Linux (an Arch based distro). I picked the minimalist image and am looking for something to do with it. I am going to be swapping this Pi out in a few days as I ordered a new Raspberry Pi 3b+ and a 128gb uSD card. This is also my experimental test drive of Manjaro, to see if I want to use it on the new pi...

I have thought of installing nextcloud, but I just don't need it. I have an scp client on my phone and can hit my external storage connected to my Pi's from anywhere. I use text files for everything so I dont need to back up apps. I really could do without my personal phone, as I rarely use it, except as a music player. I routinely rotate music on my phone with my master library on a large drive connected to one of the Pi's.

I think I am looking for something new to integrate with my usage pattern. RPoA has xorg and twm so, the new Pi doesn't need a gui. A good addition may be a cron based scp of my home directories, www, and gopher (live and chroot... man I need to get after finishing that). I also monthly run a full dd image of each pi to an external device so they can be swapped like nothing happened. The scheduled scp would fill in the gaps.

I also want to screw around with netcat and create services to do useful things. Maybe a program with password protection that I could hit using telnet that I could type a phlog entry into, then it would trigger the html gen and git push/pull to RPoD?

Maybe an information harvester/agregator? Cron and curl, massaged with sed for easy consumption... ad free and clean. Maybe feed it URLs of www content and the ID the site uses for its main content div?

In any case, time available is limited, but there always seems to be time to mess around. Got some thinking to do.

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