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or Shit sucks, man


I took some big chances today. I moved RPoD gopherhole to the chrooted gosher installation. Took some iptables changes (routing 7070 to 70) and some faith. Tell me if stuff is broken, I found a bunch already left over from testing (I changed a lot of directory structure, etc.) -- leveck (at) leveck (dot) us.

I also deleted my website. I felt some trepedation with having my phlog on clear-net. It all just felt too exposed. Also along with that is my general hatred of the web. Javascript divs covering content, ads, clickbait, malware, coin-miners, etc. Screw the entire mess! I like my subsection of sites such as full-chan, and some others. Stepping outside my vetted bookmarks is an exercise in frustration. I fully remember web 1.0 and how it used to be before browers became a javascript vm and everything went to christian hell.

I think I will onion-ify my gopherhole in then next month or so... I need to see if I can get an addy containing rpod. I have nothing but time and no hurry.

I am also screwing around in C off and on, my goal here is to become better at planning and algorthms instead of shooting from the hip.

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