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By N. Leveck

Personal Computing Ecosystem


So, I surmise that my personal computer use is atypical. Not atypical in what I am doing -- VF-1, lynx, vim, byobu, etc. but in the setup I am using. I have a ThinkPad (currently running Linux Mint), and many other devices (iPad Pro, a few Android Tablets, Android phones), but all the above function as terminals for my main computer: a Raspberry Pi 3B+. I have ssh clients on everything. My mail client is mutt. I have various things running on two additional Pi's and routinely ssh from one to the others. All the Pi's have external storage.

I have settled quite a while back on not using a personal cloud server package as sftp works great from all my devices. I am reconsidering this ATM because backing up my phone in a similar manner to my dotfiles would be cool.

I do not play video games. I do not watch TV. Book reading and personal projects fill my time. My computing ecosystem is not high speed, it is not flashy, but it does what I want it to.

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