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By N. Leveck

On Void Linux fun


I have an evolving setup forming on my Thinkpad X201. Tonight I downloaded the source for netsurf and compiled it for framebuffer. I have xorg and i3 installed and riced out, but find myself not using startx very often. I wanted a better imageboard experience than w3m gives, without starting X and netsurf framebuffer is the ticket.

I have also switched to fish on this laptop. The automatic completion is pretty rad, I am thinking of that tidbit as the killer feature.

I have powerline configured in i3 as my bar, I want to next set it up in vim and fish. I really like the look of it.

I purposely did not load my dotfiles for the laptop redo project as I wanted to try new things. I had backups of absolutely everything that was on it (documents, >200gb of music, pics, etc.) so it did not hurt to fdisk it.

Speaking of the music, staying with mpd / ncmpdpp as my player. I do a mpc ls | mpc add and use random mode. My 56 days worth of tunes gets shuffled and life is good.

Using runit has been easy and painless. Simple symlinks create services and keep them running. Rm the symlink, remove the service. So nice.

The only thing that I dislike about Thinkpads is the heat they put out...

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