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By N. Leveck

On vim as damn near anything


Emacs people pretty much live in emacs. This is a fact. I wondered if vim could be used similarly. The answer is of course, yes.

You can write code and compile, through make, or :! . There is likely a plugin for your language of choice, if not you can write one.

I have three other tabs open in vim right now using a plugin called webBrowser (this initially did not work for me, but I modified the code and fixed it, IDK if I previously broke it, it's been installed in my dotfiles for over a year) -- excellent for gopher or web.

Diagram making with drawit +---------------------+ | pretty rad stuff... | +-----+ +---------------------+ +------+ | | | ++ | | | +-----------+ +--------------+-----+

Of course vimwiki is the best thing since sliced bread. Pretty sure I have written about this numerous times... this phlog is a vimwiki and it is simple to maintain. I have a huge amount of data in vw, hosted in git repos and occasionally transfered to different computers. Download

Sky's the limit. Point is proven. I have been screwing around in common lisp (very basic stuff so far, my grandfather used it way back in the day, he gave me floppies with scheme on them amongst many many other apps... I stayed in BASICA instead), vim does fine for this to. I have a plugin that completes parathensis, forgot which one it is, there are a few that do this. Super useful.

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