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re: enforced anonymity tomasino


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Anonymity is a holy cornerstone of net culture. It is the root of the infamous imageboard exclamation: "tits or GTFO". This follows a post where a person identifies themselves as a female (which is always done as an appeal for attention or to gain a privlege). In an anonymous forum, all participants are sexless, all statements are weighed upon their merit, no consideration given to the identity of the poster. This engenders freedom of discourse and encourages well thought out posts... ignore /b/...

The thrusting of feelings into something like the kernel is an terrible idea. Linus protected the kernel like it was his child. You knew when someone messed up (and were entertained as well). The code does the talking -- no one really cares if the code was written by a person of a particular sex. However, projects that specifically only allow homosexuals, racial "minorities", and women as participants are the most harmful IMHO.

Linus' light-switch-like flip to appologetic and his leaving (his statement is odd BTW, as it contains smart quotes. An analysis of his git commits going all the way back shows he has never used them except once -- quoting someone else...) almost feels like a gamer- gate style takedown. A power play. Extortion.

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