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On Palm Devices

or my old Visor is back


So, after the phost about reading Jirka's blog, I dug through my closet and found an old Hanspring Visor I used long ago. I ordered a sync cable for it because I cannot locate the original. It came already, and I have installed some apps. I have a wiki hack installed to turn memos into a wiki. I plan on scripting a two way sync using pilot-link to turn these memos into a vimwiki. I want to also script the calendar app to share with remind. Jpilot is nice, but using pilot link one can have a totally custom use of the data.

I think long term, I want to have the sync data rsync'd to RPoJ (Raspberry Pi of Judgement, a RPi 3b+), which will serve the vimwiki, remind calendar, and what ever else I devise over ssh. Since it will be rsync'd, it'll also live in potentially offline form on my RCA Cambio which runs Ubuntu.

I think some sort of unidirectional long format text file to palm doc converter / installer script would be a nice touch too... I will of course update the phlog with progress. I have some out of town stuff with work coming up pretty quick in Colorado, so who knows what time frame I can have results in.

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