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More on the palm os stuff


Finding software for a damn near 20 year old device is difficult... So many dead links on the web! Not a lot of desktop software exists either, but what does for Linux is pretty good. I still have a keyboard (landware), stylus 4 pack, and the standard hard plastic case coming.

I think I will end up writing my own software to do thinqs I want, but that I cannot find existing software for. I am still figuring out that 42 year old me uses a PDA differently than 22 year old me. I had over a dozen Palm, TRG Pro, and Handspring devices from the 90s thru the early 2000s. I think the utter lack of games is the biggest difference. Also, with the lack of conduits, I am reluctant to use a lot of apps. I need to learn to parse PDB files so I can essentially create my own conduits.

Donations Sought

I am seeking Palm Device donations. If you have a palm os device you're not using that:

a) works b) uses standard battaries c) does not have a color screen

If you are interested in finding a home for a device matching this description, please write me at:


BTW: this phlog entry was hand written in graffiti on my visor :-)

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