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By N. Leveck

Checking out


Part of my Palm OS project is checking out. By that I mean purposefully not participating in the all pervasive monitoring that is en vogue right now. It is spilling into other aspects of my life.

I have lost a lot of weight lately, just eating meat/eggs/cheese (I also have a vitamin regiment since I don't like my veggies). As a consequence, my 2XL shirts are too damned baggy, I need size large. I have a business trip next week that requires business casual attire. So this morning, I took some money out of the ATM and hit the thrift stores. Got all the shirts I needed for $6. There is no record of the purchase on my bank statement. Feels weird, but all my purchases for like the last 15 years have been captured, and are on record. I remember a cash society... it seems so long ago now.

I am toying with the idea of purchasing a 3g Palm OS phone to cripple the monitoring. I can get one on ebay pretty cheaply and 3g is still activate-able. The sticking point here is then I also need an mp3 player that takes an uSD card, is not internet connected, and plays FLAC, AIF, wav, ogg, wma, and mp3. I have a pretty organic collection of files... with the media player, I can just get a flip phone... but the Palm OS phone brings me back to 2003 when I had my Treo 270 (which got "lost" as I was taken away on an ambulance... long story) I loved that phone, but that model is not usable in 2018.

Maybe I could get a classic 2G Palm OS phone, and just activate voice and text? You can sign up at most banks for ballance enquiries via SMS, no internet required. Then I could get a Treo 270 and just use it as a Palm I can call on... is that even possible? If you know, shoot me an email: leveck at leveck.us

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