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Darkthrone's cover of Love in a Void (orginally by Siouxsie and the Banshees) is superior to the original.

Bought a flip-phone last night fuck smartphones. Feels good, man.

Teaching myself about Palm pdb files... there's a perl module for parsing them. I need to d/l it from cpan and check it out. I have not messed much with perl since the 90s and I have never used modules. It is time to learn!

I found the cradle for my HP Jornada tonight in a closet, but not the Jornada itself. Meh, I always hated Pocket PC. I had a couple, but they are just so damn clunky, software-wise.

Purchased new pants today... down to 36 waist. Happy about that.

Integrated Palm todo's into my remind display script. It shows the current month's calendar using cal, my remind entries, the output of my note script (source is in the projects section of RPoD), and my palm todos (via pilot-link, grep'd and sed'd).

Speaking to automated systems on the phone is a huge "fuck you." It is audible distilled hatred of your clientbase.

My Handspring Visor Deluxe is older now than my IBM XT was when I got second hand from my grandfather in 1988. By a lot...

Is it age that makes me feel increasingly "other" from the culture at large? Possible. I just do not have a connection with film, TV, music, or topics that seem to loom large for people that surround me in meat-space.

Reading a book on lisp made me realize the true mathematical basis for programming... seems like a dipshit thing to have dawn on you, yes. I have been writing code as a hobby (and sometimes as work) since 1985, yet it always sat in my mind as logic. This loop, this decision node, this operation... I need to be more algorithmic. It is something that has always eluded me, apparently.

Note: in 1985, I was nine years old. I am not super old.

My RCA Cambio seems to have a flakey USB port. Or maybe the visor kernel module screws with it? I get errors about the USB bus not accepting an address. Syncing my visor takes a few tries also. I hope it isn't hardware as the thing only has one port!

I have to spend a week in Colorado for work. I drive down on Sunday. I will be attending a six sigma, lean process class. I dislike large metropolitan areas, so I am hoping the week goes fast.

The day I come back, my mother is flying up from New Mexico. The next day, I am officiating my oldest daughter's wedding. I have never done anything like this before, but I am certain I can handle it...

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