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On the last week


I went to Colorado for a lean six sigma class. It was very enjoyable and I met a lot of interesting people. I could not get my Linux RCA Cambio to connect to the captive portal WiFi at the hotel, so I broke my own no television rule and watched a bunch of American Pickers episodes.

On Friday, the last class session ended at noon. I hit the road for Wyoming immediately. I arrived around 1715 in Rock Springs. My mother was already in town for the wedding and was waiting for me at my house. It was good to see her and very good to be home. My daughter that was to be married on Saturday was also over. She dyed her hair and handled miscellanious decorating pieces. She had lost her voice due to stress. I pulled a battery powered guitar amp and mic out of my studio for her to use as a PA during her vows so she could be heard.

On Saturday, I retyped my script and glue-sticked it in a moleskine wih a nice leather cover. At 1400 we went to the park and set up chairs and decorations. I am happy that I did not kill myself climbing up the gazebo to hang the garland.

At 1500 The wedding happened. I have never officiated a wedding before, but everything went perfectly. The only issue was the high winds and cold temperatures. I was very proud of my daughter and my new son.

Then came the reception. It was held at the Holiday Inn in a hall. We had a friend of my daughter perform DJ duties and there was a lot of money placed on the bar tab. The gin was good, but the tonic water was flat. I danced with my daughter for the father/daughter dance, also with my wife, my 12 year old daughter, her BFF that lives with us, and it was a really lovely time.

I also learned last night that seasoned butter on steak is delicious. I need to buy some!

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