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On trips


So, I have to spend the next two work hitches in North Dakota. It has a silver lining -- 14 hour days, and an 8% raise while I am there. Yet, of course I dislike being away from home.

I do not go anywhere or do anything in my off time when I travel for work, I am too tired. I learnt on my Colorado trip last week that my Linux Cambio (my primary personal PC now) cannot connect to hotel captive portal wifi. So, I shall take my android 2-in-1 (the RCA Viking 10), as I do not like taking my $1,000 iPad Pro out of town. I cannot afford to replace it right now if something screwy happens. I wonder if Pilot-Link works in termux? Probably not...

In PDA news:

I have a stowaway keyboard coming for my Handspring Visor (I am now using the orange one I ordered from ebay instead of the black one I have had for 20 years), and I also have a Palm IIIxe coming. I am stoked about this because in '98 or '99 I had a Palm IIIe and so wanted the IIIxe. It is an old dream come true. I do not know if it will come before I leave, but if it does not then it will surely be at home waiting for me when I return.

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