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Delays with the UX50


I returned to Wyoming today and unboxed my Clie PEG-UX50. I also bought the extended battery for it. The built-in battery seems DOA. This unit was new in box, never opened, so that battery sat uncharged in that box for 15 years. I should have ordered a replacement battery at the same time as the PDA, but I didn't. I have one on order now. I will let it charge over night and see if I can get some sort of charge on it. It will boot while on the charger long enough to do a screen calibration but then it winks out.

If the battery I just ordered does not arrive before I go back to North Dakota next Tuesday, then installation won't happen until week after next.

I also unboxed my gotype keyboard for my Palm IIIxe. I had to configure the driver as my IIIxe doesn't have memo installed, and I also wanted to tweak the button assignments a bit. It works flawlessly, and with keyboard hack, super useful.

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