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Travel tomorrow -- a week gone


I head to work tomorrow at 0430, then fly to North Dakota around 1500 or so. Eight days of cold mid- western joy awaits. It is sure to be an actionpacked time. I am going to be running my phlogging experiment while I am there, writing phosts on my PDA daily, then uploading them when I return.

I need to put some brain into my leisure activities while I am there. I do not have my infrastructure with me there, of course, so this leads to nightly TV watching which screws with me because, I never watch TV, and I never consider myself bored. I need to engross myself in a good book instead and fight the urge to veg.

I am leaving the android tablet home this time as well, I would like to avoid aimless web browsing on this trip. I think today I will convert some additional books to palmDoc format and consume them on my UX50. Speaking of: I need to find a doc reader that uses the full UX50 screen. Normal Palm apps use 2/3 of the screen, and there's a graffitti area in the other 1/3 of the screen. Some apps that support hi-res allow you to hide the graffitti area and use the full screen. It is not a huge deal though, ReadEmAll works fine as 2/3. All the same, if you have suggestions, write me: leveck at leveck dot us

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