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By N. Leveck

On the last week

A chronicle spanning the last week, in which I was out of town.


I'm on a plane as I type this on my UX50, headed to the Williston, North Dakota airport on business. From there, I will drive to Dickinson, North Dakota. This is a two-ish hour drive. Dickinson is where I will be staying for the next week. During that week, I will run the electronics shop and be on-call for phone support for the technicians we have in the field. I really do hate talking about work on here. Gopher is my escape zone.

The plane just left the ground. What a bumpy take-off. I have been flying since I was a very young child, but I hate it. I want to be on the ground.

We are now on final aproach. Wind is blowing @ 35mph on the ground. This -- turbulance (and the thought of death) is why I hate flying.

Driving from Williston to Dickinson is not exciting, not in a meaningful way. Badlands, farms, blowing snow, if you have seen it once, there's no real need to see it again.

Election day results: gop gains in seanate, libs win house. I am disapointed, but I think libs will overplay their hand in the house to quite a backlash in 2020. It'll be an interesting two years watching this happen.


Another day at work. I have two technicians working for me this hitch in NoDak. Along with the local employees that do not report to me, but are on the hook to be helpful.

It was 10 degrees (F) this morning. I am wearing thermals under my clothes. I now weigh 185lbs. It seems I lost my insulation along with the weight.

One of my coworkers talks insessently of his dissatisfaction with his marriage and his personal life in general. I find this to be draining and it interests me very little. He should make changes to remedy the things he is unhappy with and not air his personal business. I have been very blunt about this, for years, yet he remains undeterred.

It is now about 2100 at night. 0340 is going to come fast and I need to jump in the shower. I didn't turn on the television tonight. I did have to provide telephone assistance to equipment test personnel. Oh well, another day done.


Started off the day with a 1.5 hour skype class at 0600. Yay corporate training.At least I didn't have to travel for it, but then again I am in NoDak right now.

It is 2005 tonight, the day about over. Not much to say about today. Four more days until travel day. I am very much looking forward to it.

In PDA news: found that much like TealPoint Software, maker of fine Palm OS software, Pimlico Software is still open and selling dateBk6. Iambic no longer exists, so many companies are dead. Instead of seeking bullshit patched software, support the companies that have held on. Toward that end, I registered TealBackup, TealDoc, and DateBk6 in the last few days. All of those apps also happen to use the full screen on my UX50.

I also want to say that I agree with SolderPunk's call to host and Cat's fight against SDF. I want to also pose an alternate option to hosting a pubnix system: hosting your own infrastructure and content on your own server, while keeping communication open to the small public systems, via consumption of their content and reply - but not necessarily direct joining. This appeals directly to the introvert in me, who would not feel at home outside his own system, but thouroughly enjoys the gopherspace and other networks outside the www. I applaud you all and thank you for being a part of my leisure activity. Even when I do not post, I read all the phlogs I know of.


A productive day. Didn't find a moment to even start this entry until it was dark outside, not saying much, sunset at 1621. Found some cool palm software around lunch time including a frotz port! I am looking forward to exploring some interactive fiction later on.


Had to go out to a location this morning, a 1.75 hour journey each way, to drop off a magnetic flowmeter to the technician. It was dark, snowing, and icy when I set out, but it mellowed a bit. Mission was accomplished.

RE: jirka I am projected to get my Zaurus in December due to the speed of shipping from the Russian Federation. I plan on swapping a 32gb compact flash card for the 4gb microdrive. I never liked the microdrives!

Also, I am typing this in TealDoc now, It does full UX50 screen-width. I don't know if it does unix line endings, but opening up the file in tejpwriter and saving can fix that. After I type this, I'll msg you a d/l link on mastodon and email.


Veteran's day.Thank you to everyone who served in the military.

PDA related: today I purchased a 4gb uSD card, a 32gb SD card, an SD to CF adaptor, and a book titled "The Palm OS Programmers Bible." It'll once again be like christmas morning when I get home.

Very much looking forward to going home. Just one more full shift after today (quitting time is one hour from now). Tuesday is travel day and I will leave here for the Williston airport around ten in the morning on that day.


My last full work shift in NoDak.

Lots of talk of federation on gopher. I wonder if the groups pursuing this would allow rogue servers to federate? Example: my server is a very personal computer. Allowing other users here would be like allowing them to enter my shower while I'm using it. However, having linked BBS, local email, etc. would be neat. Can us loners play too?


Flight day. Cannot wait to go home.

The day went quick. It is 1335 and I am on the plane. It just took off from Williston, North Dakota. In an hour and a half I will be on the ground in Wyoming.

Landed without incident and I am home.

Hope everyone had a great day!

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