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On WinCE devices - RE: Visiblink


In a recent phlog entry, Visiblink mentions the HP Jornada. Oh WinCE devices! I had a Jornada, can't recall which one, along with the stowaway KB for it. I looked for it in my closet within the last few months and all I still have is the cradle. Don't know what happened there. I also had the Toshiba e330 (I think... may have been another e series unit, it was 16 years go!). I just didn't bond with the OS like I did with Palm. I had been a Linux user since ~1998 or so and Windows in any form just was not 1337. I may end up getting an iPaq or something eventually though to fill out the collection :)

I very much enjoy writing phlog entries offline on my UX50. It lends itself to a different pace. It also feels fitting to generate gopher content on a 15 year old device!

In other news

I am going to be upgrading the Raspberry Pi of Death to a 128gb uSD card sometime in the next couple weeks. There will be a few hours downtime as this is accomplished. The current 16gb card has been nearly full for months and the software collections have not helped this.

BTW, Visiblink, you are correct, most US ISP's do not care a lick if you host on port 70. CenturyLink was candid on the phone saying I could in fact host whatever server I'd like as long as the content was not illegal, contra to the terms. YMMV.

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