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By N. Leveck

On a pattern of delay


So, today my Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 arrived from Russia. In the box was the handheld, and a sealed package with a USB charging cable. I unwrapped and opened everything in anticipation of awesome, only to be greeted by the same occurance as with the Sony Clie PEG-UX50. Namely, a dead battery and a nonbooting device due to that dead battery. The good news is that the same manufacturer of battery that saved the day for the Clie, had what I needed to revive the Z. The new batt arrives on Friday.

What gets me about these early naughties devices is the tiny capacities. 800mAH for the UX50, 2000mAH for the Z. my ecig has 3x3000mAH. It illustrates why vaping would not have worked 15 years ago. :)

Tags: #typed-on-ux50 #zaurus #son-i-am-disapoint

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