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So much cool stuff going on


The rise of the decentralized gopherspace is upon us! So many cool-ass servers coming up. I find the cosmic.voyage project in particular to be engrossing. I have been making it a point to follow the disjointed logs of the various voyagers. So damned cool!

I am thinking about entering this fray, but since I would be hosting something out of my home, it would be shell-less, likely git based. Gotta put some brain into a compelling differentiator. I do have another pi sitting dormant. Maybe I will run another gopher server on a different port... stay tuned.

A standard set of federation tools is needed. I would really like to see the circumlunar community, the tildeverse, and lone islands (personal boxen hosting personal content) have the ability to join in on chat, internal mail, and other apps. Maybe a git repo with tar'd source and configuration files would be a cool step.

I envision a system of systems with a loose set of guidelines. My guiding priciple is non-engagement of persons I disagree with ideologically, when it comes to the subject(s) I disagree with. Hardset rules are stifling to me, but each sysop is the lord of his/her manor. There is plenty of middle ground to be found, and a live-and-let-live anti-censorship poilcy can be fostered in which socialists, monarchists, and right leaners can all be nerds together. I am normally not a big agreer with libertarians, but I think in this case they provide the best option.

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