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On Projects Nov2018


I came up with an idea for my hosting contribution. Step the next -- figure out how I would like to handle this. Accounts and ssh, git, ftp, telnet, custom app, hybrid of the above... Choices, choices, choices.

I am able to reveal that the offering will be in the form of a directory on RPoD. At one point I owned over a dozen domains. My registrar started hiking up the costs, "you're domain is worth $1,000. It'll cost you $120 / year to renew it now." Now, this is a game I didn't wish to play. Over time I have whittled down the number. I do not wish to reprolifferate. I do not see this as a barrier to adoption as in my estimation, the theme is interesting.

I am leaning towards a custom app set as shell like tfurrows did with the redconsensus, accessible through telnet. Why telnet? It seems suitably primitive and can be sufficiently locked down to the app user. The app will handle user differentiation similar to the RC setup. This will all also take place inside the chroot on RPoD.

I have no set timeline for this, but it will likely go pretty quick. I do think that prior to debuting, I will down RPoD for a few hours to dd the drive to a 256gb microSD. Plenty of wiggle room.

Tags: #typed-on-ux50 #federation #hosting #comingsoon

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