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By N. Leveck

Handera 330


I am typing this on my new (to me) Handera 330, using a Palm III style GoType Keyboard. This handheld did NOT come with the AAA terminals and battery cover. So I am left with an extremely old lithium battery and a 12VDC charger. I will have to keep my eyes open for another available unit as in current year running this style of handheld untethered requires the AAA terminals! I may explore custom battery rebuild sites as an option. I wonder what they'd charge to rebuild the lithium ion pack? I wonder if I could have them build me a second one? The deal breaker may be the integrated battery door.

The screen is gorgeous. The backlight is indiglo and very nice to look at. This unit does have a barely perceptable whine when the backlight is on.

I have a 4gb CF card inserted and true to PalmInfoCenter's word, this card is detected and works. Four gigabytes is truly overkill for this handheld though. I do not think I could fill that if I tried on a PalmOS 3.5 device.

I do own a Symbol Spectrum CF type 1 WiFi card. Handera wrote a driver for this card but I haven't located it. I was originally on their website, but is not there now. Handera.com was last updated in 2012 and so far, emails to them have not been answered (and likely will never be). I will keep searching for this. There seemed to be a community of doctors that used this device. It may be this avenue of searching that wil locate the software I am looking for.

Right now, this is a stay at home, tethered to power GoType terminal. In its current state it will never have a chance of unseating my Sony Clie PEG-UX50 as a carry device. Maybe being the zero distraction typing handheld is its destiny?

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