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By N. Leveck

The 1436 Files (part deux)


Another version of the 1436 Files is live!

The 1436 Files is a community driven writing based project. The premise is that all conspiracy theories are true, and you are a conspirator in whatever action you choose. The entries are diaries, logs, reports, etc. from the conspirator about whatever is happening. Letting the story- lines cross each other is allowed and inevitable. The project accountless and anonymous.

To participate, you compose a text file in which the first line contains the title you want displayed on the 1436 Files menu. All other formatting is up to you. This file needs to be resident on a server hosting gopher, http, and reachable on the internet. The script on the 1436 Files page will let you type the URL of the file and curl it to RPoD, and add it to the main gophermap. New files will be listed at the top.

A feed will be created at a later date for easy consumption.

I hope this takes off, and very much look forward to what you write!

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