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On the in between

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I find myself without a project. It has been this way for some time now. I have read two books in the last week, installed 9front on a Raspberry Pi (and learned I definitely prefer *NIX to the sequel), acquired more Palm devices, and taken up video games on those devices as a diversion. Yet none of these are a project. I am left feeling "meh."

I have always preached to my children that being bored is for the boring. So, in this case I need to practice my own advice.

Idea One

I may take up coding for Palm OS. I have onboard C and all the tools that go with it, as well as a copy of "Palm OS Programming Bible" to refer to. I need to do some outlining and figure out some itches to scratch.

Idea Two

Get an NNTP server working in isolation on one of the RPi's. This would be in preparation for eventual micropubnix federation. For that matter, I should just look into opening up shell accounts via ssh on a high port (port 22 is already exposed via my router and I need my main box to stay on that port as it is hittable at work). I think I would theme this community as specifically a resource for retro PDA enthusiasts, with an app hoard and other offerings. I like this idea.

Idea Three

Go with reading books and realize that sometimes there is an in between time.

Idea three does not rule out ideas one and two, it merely allows all time constraints to be loosened. Much to think over now.

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