Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

On bringing back the blog

entered in vim on RPoJ


A while back I posted when I deleted my website. For months, it said only "use gopher." I put some thought into where I went wrong with the website. My answer to myself was that it was too full of bullshit fluff. I css'ed the crap out of it.

The return

I have decided to bring it back, but keep it very gopherish. Toward that end, it is a simple directory listing, auto- generated by my httpd. Since the files are written in markdown, I wanted to be able to convert these to html, without converting to html (which is another reason I hated the old site -- > 100 static pages to rebuild everytime I post). The answer was mod_markdown which allows exactly what I was looking for.

Along with that, I used mod_ext_filter to utilize sed on the streaming output from the httpd. This allows on-the-fly changing of gopher to http URLS on the blog, and the utilization of the floodgap proxy on non-local links in gopherspace.

I added a one liner in my blogproc script to generate .htaccess descriptions for each phost, using head -1 on each file. The result it native looking html blog entries, that live on the server as plaintext files formatted in markdown. I utilize a symlink, so RPoD only has one copy of the Phlog/Blog files. The entire thing is a git repo as well. In addition to all this, I have reintroduced http links in the atom feed and in the gopher version as well.

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