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Alphasmart Fonts

Entered on the Alphasmart Dana


Fonthack123 only works on PalmOS under 4.0. This is an issue for the Dana because it runs PalmOS 4.1. Alphaword will not display FontBucket fonts. Neither will CardTxt. Memopad will, and CardTxt can import memos. I just want a monospace font to type with, it that so damned wrong?

I will keep looking for a solution, however, if you have already solved this, contact me please: leveck at leveck dot us


Solution so far seems to be Documents To Go v6, available w/ s/n on palmarchive.com (and my mirror on 1436.ninja). Verified abandonware -- I wrote DataViz and asked them. It includes courier and courier new. I am happily in monospace mode on the Dana. Version 6 does not do text files, but does do PalmDoc. After typing I can convert with CardTxt or any number of other ways. As it turns out fonts are more important to me than file format.

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