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On the Vance Fry Dana Batt Hack

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I got my Panasonic Enerloop NiMH AA rechargable batteries today. The plan was to wire the rechargeable battery connector to the positive battery terminal. The actual rewiring took like five minutes (including the chasis disassembly). I desoldered the positive battery terminal from the motherboard and snipped the positive wire for the rechargable batt pack connector. I stripped this wire and spliced to to the wire to the positive battery terminal, heatshrinking the splice. I reassembled the case, installed the Enerloops, plugged in the USB A to B cable to a charger, and the Dana recognized it was charging. This is a simple project and it adds a lot of value to the device after it is done. The savings in batteries alone is tremendous.

RPoD is down right now, as I am a victim of the massive centurylink outage in the western United States. Hopefully they fix this soon. My Internet connection has been down since about 0300 this morning.

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