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On further device segmentation

Entered on Sony PEG-UX50


I bought an mp3 player. Zinc alloy chassis, uSD card socket (up to 128gb), tiny form-factor. Caveats: I put > 14k songs on it, but it only indexes 4k. All songs playable in folder mode, but cannot shuffle all songs on device. This device had dozens of fake reviews on amazon, and was pulled off the site after I bought it. It ain't bad though, I have gone back to listening to entire albums because of it. Reminds me of my old walkman when I was a kid. I have a pair of bone conduction headphones coming to use with this player. I think I'll get a lanyard and wear it like a necklace. I love the idea of fourteen thousand songs being that handy.

I wanted to essentially UNIX-ify my device usage. Use devices that do one thing well instead of kitchen sinks. The Dana is a good example of this: great for writing, not great as PDA. The UX50 is my powerhouse PDA as it has a lot of space, a great keyboard, and is tiny and pocketable. My flip phone makes phone calls and my T9 muscle memory has kicked back in for texting. Some of you likely scoff at carrying multiple devices, but it truly doesn't bother me. I do like to leave my phone at home when I run errands, but not because of the number of device angle, because of the freedom aspect. Leave a message, I might call you back.

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