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Days off / eMate 300

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It has been an eventful couple of days. I got some research started for my novel. I recorded a song today for Telerumination's fourth album, a ditty named Penetrate. Also, my Apple eMate 300 is on its way to me via the United States Postal Service.

I contacted the seller of the eMate and they said they did not check out the hinges. So, before I use it, I will disassemble the unit and verify the hinges to make sure they are not going to destroy my touch screen cable. Maybe I will install a washer under the screws to limit the ability of springs to swing out and cut the cable.

I was good today and stopped myself from buying a Psion PDA. One at a time! That device is also known to have issues with its hinges.

If anyone has any information on beaming between the eMate 300 and a Palm device, write me -- leveck AT leveck DOT us. I wrote the author of BackTalk, a $40 utiliry that does just that, but, so far no reply. His website was last updated in 2016, so there is a glimmer of hope. I shall no hold my breath waiting. I am also seeking software hordes. The old websites everyone pointed to in the Newton heyday are now mostly gone. As with all vintage devices, software and connectivity are a PITA,

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