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Computer Timeline

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The topic of RAM amount as a timeline of personal computing has been mentioned here, here. My memory of the exact RAM for the computers I've gone thru is kinda sketchy, but I'll try:

  1. 1988 IBM XT - 1M (ISA RAM board)
  2. 1990 Mac SE - 2M
  3. 1992 Mac LCII - 8M (first internet conn -- 1993, 2400bps)
  4. 1996 486 DX4-100 - 12M
  5. 1998 Pentium II 300 - 64M
  6. 2000 Pentium III 600 - 128M
  7. 2002 Pentium 4 1.6 - 512M

In between some of those there were misc. computers. I had 286's, 386's, Pentium MMX's... between college and working in IT in the 1990s and early 2000s the hardware freely flowed.

Some time after 2005 all the home PCs belonged to my wife and I started buying miniature laptops (uMPC), netbooks, and items like my HPLX's. I have used an iPad as my primary modern PC since the iPad 1 and now use an iPad Pro. My ancillary devices currently include a Thinkpad x201 (running Void Linux), and the RCA Cambio (running Ubuntu).

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