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On attachment to equipment (RE: sysdharma)

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In his last phost, sysdharma writes of his addiction to keeping old equipment. His reasons include emotional and financial value of the old unused equipment in question.

For me, it is also both. I have a lot of tech stuff I do not use. It gets worse if I go into my studio. I have a mountainous amount of musical instruments, but primarily play my favorite bass, guitar, and my drum kit.

I have given stuff away before, I rarely would think to sell it. For the majority of these items, I always think, "I could end up needing it for..."

I have been organizing my collections better. Buying storage drawers, rubbermaid boxes, putting things away when I am done using them. The side effect of this is if some of this stuff is not left out, I find myself not using it.

Maybe a reminder for the start of spring to go thru shit and clean up would be a good solution. Spring seems like an appropriate time to do such things. I only need one tablet and a backup. Not five total. I have guitars I am not attached to, and some I very much am attached to. Perhaps the not ones can go? If I am not going to learn how to tune my hurdy-gurdy, do I need to keep it? (in reflection, yes on that one... I'll learn how. It is a cool instrument).

Sysdharma, I think you are so very far from being alone with this addiction. It is almost part and parcel of being in modern consumer culture. I admire people who can separate themselves from it. It is easier to look around my 2300 ft2 home and identify empty spots to put more stuff, one of the five bedrooms is unused!

...maybe I have a problem.

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