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On upcoming retrocomputing projects

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I have a few projects perculating at the moment. I have the following on order: a Fujitsu Lifebook P1120, a battery for it, a power brick for it, an OEM copy of Windows ME for it (I want USB flash drive capability, but Win9x... so that leaves WinME as the choice), a dual CF to IDE adaptor for it, a USB DVD drive, also a power brick for my Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 -- this laptop is keeping Windows XP. I have been retro gaming on the OmniBook 800ct and loving it. Games so far acquired:

I found a copy of Redneck Rampage online and was pretty stoked as I owned the CD when it came out. Unfortunately this copy was wrapped in an installer that does not run on Windows 98se (it is a damn DOS game, for Pete's sake!). I will keep looking for original install media for this game. I would also like to locate Shadow Warrior, Hexen, and Heretic (have not looked for them yet, but they were ones I enjoyed as a much younger man).

I also finally recieved the AA batt caddy for the battery retrofit of my Apply Newton eMate 300. I just need to pick up some NiMH AA batteries to stick in it and then wire it up in place of the extent battery pack. While I am doing this, I'll also disassemble the unit and inspect the hinges to see if I need to install washers.

So much to do!

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