Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

Changing schedule

Entered on Sony PEG-UX50


I am moving into a new role at work. Being in charge of 6Sigma related things instead of people. This is a five day a week role instead of 9 days on and five off. I have one last trip to North Dakota to do then I should not need to go again (unless the new job dictates I need to of course). I feel some trepidation as I have had my current role since 2012 and my bosses are not on board with this move ~ they were more or less made to go along with it. All in all tho, I also feel excited to do something new as I have been seriously bored.

In other new, I power cycled the UX50 and the sound went away. I guess I did not lose a capacitor after all.

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