Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

On North Dakota in February

Entered in vim on RPoJ via ssh


I am typing this entry in Dickinson, North Dakota. I have a tenuous, strained relationship with this place. Years ago I recorded an EP titled "Captive in Dakota" in an oilfield man-camp just outside of Dickinson. I usually hate coming here, and it was never by choice. Knowing that this is the last forced visit (hopefully) makes for a different feeling. It is below zero (Fahrenheit) as I type this, and windy. I have had my work truck in 4 wheel drive all this week. I am away from my family and my projects. Alas, I am having a lot of fun being in my current detached state. It is a different perspective for sure. A long twelve or thirteen years of coming up here. I have witnessed booms come and go, towns grow, huge amounts of construction and infrastructure be accomplished. In that same time, come to know some people really well.

All the same, if I never come back here again, my heart will not be broken...

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