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On changes

Entered in gvim on Lifebook P1120 running OpenBSD


I mentioned a while back that things were changing at work. I held the same position as a lead in the electronics shop since 2012. I oversaw technicians, doing what I did from 2005 until 2012. I could do my job in my sleep.

My new position is a bit different. I am doing continuous improvement. So basically, data analysis and being an idea guy. I have a lot less days off, but my phone does not follow me around like a leash. I like this trade off.

I have less slack time at work now, which has led to not updating my phlog as much as I'd like. I have time at home now so this will resolve itself in due time.

I went to lunch today with an ex-coworker and a current one. It was a nice time. Something I need to do more of.

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