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Solo RPG Ideas

Entered on Sony PEG-UX50


I acquired a leather "spellbook" that has sleeves that take playing card sized content. I am currently brainstorming ideas for a solo game. I want to create poker-card sized materials I can place into the sleeves in this little book. Maps (small, multi-part), lookup tables, character information, world info, etc. is what I have in mind for it.

I would like to use this game to flesh out ideas for my novel. I am going to be using Mythic Game Master Emulator for decision points. The game materials will live in the little sleeves of the "spellbook" but notes while playing will live in a leather covered moleskine. I am on the fence as to the game system to use for this. The two main contenders are Fate and Tunnels & Trolls. I am kinda leaning towards T&T.

I have scrapped multiple outlines so far for the story and this method seems good on two fronts - introduction of elements I likely would not have chosen explicitly, and the idea just seems like fun. I want to also use Mythic to aid in randomizing certain world elements. Not every detail is of Earth-shattering importance and entropy is a universal constant (not the amount or outcome, just that it exists and the accumulation thereof is a given).

The "book" came with a stack of blank cards with a parchment like background. I have ordered 50 matte white blank cards in addition to these. These blank poker-sized cards are cheap and readily available.

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