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By N. Leveck

On Isolation

Entered in vim on OpenBSD (Fujitsu LifeBook)


Lately I find myself exceptionally in disagreement with almost every part of popular culture. I have absolutely nothing in common with what is being presented. I hate the left, but I also hate Trump. I have long since stopped watching Hollywood movies, all television, popular music, social media -- anything that intuitively smacks of this fake world I find myself in.

I have been sequestering myself with Hermetic treatises and other books I feel have substance. I have also been recording an album centering around 12 string acoustic guitar, and shunning my phone. Here in Weimar 2.0, I know I am not alone in this feeling. Everything feels unnatural, the world is upside down. I find myself waiting for the inevitable massive system failure. I no longer care about losing everything I have worked a lifetime for. A global stone-age reset seems the best option this Earth has. Ted was right. Maybe the Mexico City volcano or Yellowstone going off will provide the impetus needed. No one is doing a damned thing, myself included. It's all so tiresome.

I no longer believe death is the end, nor do I care if I am wrong. This invasive police state, pushing the 3rd world into the place my family has called home for 400 years, as well as our ancestral home in Europe weighs heavily upon me. We were conquered a thousand years ago by Christianity. Our culture poisoned, our men softened. The 20th century decimated the Europeans, and saw to it that education was replaced with the enemy agenda. This took place everywhere in the west. I saw through it in 1993 and dropped out of public school not wanting to participate. In college I earned an easy 4.0, but valued this minimally as there was no tangible worth. Nothing that impacted my survival, nothing that I could look back on at the end of my life as worthwhile. A worker bee with his eyes open, engaged in a bullshit waste of my life.

I welcome the fall. I cheer its acceleration. Only a complete failure of this system will bring mankind to their senses. If it doesn't then their discontinued existence will compensate.

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