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I have been keeping myself busy reading. Reread the Kybalion (done so many many times over the past 15 years or so). Picked up a few new books Agripa's 3 books of occult philosophy in hardback, Initiation Into Hermetics by Bardon, and some Evola. Feeling comfy.

Been spending a lot of time on imageboards (not beginning w/ 4). Then again, I have done so since around 2006, so this is not unusual. The boards I frequent have changed though. I keep away from b, I do like x and fringe and tech.

I have some tech projects I'd like to engage in. I think I would like to put a CF card in my lifedrive, and replace the battery. The thing that keeps me from this project, however, is that if I was going to use that formfactor of PDA, I would choose my Visor, HE330, or Palm IIIxe in that order. Still seems like a fun project.

Update on my iPod 5g upgrade: I use this device pretty much constantly. The new battery lasted me about 13 hours on the day I traveled from Oklahoma to Wyoming. The over fifteen thousand songs make shuffle worthwhile. Best project I have completed by far.

I feel pretty content lately. I write in a paper notebook daily in an alphabet I invented 33 years ago. I write in cursive in it and I follow gramatical conventions of my own. Even if letter for letter transliteration to the Latin alphabet were done it would remain unintelligable. I have notebooks going back to 1993 written in this manner. I had reverted back to writing in plain English for years then recently decided to return. There is a particular feeling of security in it.

I recently also acquired a first gen BittBoy gaming device. I am not a gamer, and have not used it a lot. The times I have picked it up have filled me with good memories of the 90s.

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