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Music Update

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Soundtrack: Repulsion - Armies of the Dead


I have been on a music making binge lately. I released Filbuth - Holographic Metempsychosis on April 22 of this year. Followed up with the release of Natanas - Tulpa is Taking Over, Suicide. on May 19 of this year. The Natanas release is an EP. I am currently also working on a Natanas full length, as well as a Telerumination full length (the latter is going to be quite a ways out yet).

The Filbuth album is blackened folk music. Think all accoustic instrumentation with black metal style vocals. The Natanas album is my own brand of black metal. I am very pleased with how both of them turned out.

The forthcoming Natanas release is turning out to be a tad bit more intense and extreme than the rest of my back catalog. I have been spending a lot of time behind my drum kit lately and the result is tangible. I also elected to utilize an old $50 guitar I had laying around that years ago I installed a piezo inside of. It has an interesting sound.

In 2020 on the fifth anniversary of Xylophar, I would like to release an album in the same vein as that release, and include some rerecorded songs from that release.

Sometime later this year, I also plan on recording a new Sandwich Full Of Fuck demo (all SFOF releases are released as demos). This project has a formula that must be obeyed: all releases have 19 tracks, all 19 tracks are recorded in one single session (drums seperated by 2 seconds of silence between songs, then guitar, then vocals). Vocals on SFOF releases are done in two different voices: punk yells, and black metal rasps -- switching back and forth live in one take. The 2nd and third SFOF demos had a good run on college radio. I hope people enjoy the fourth.

I think it is also time to do some new material for some other of my side projects: Anaplasmataceae, Khyæghürr, and Boarstusk. It may be a busy year for me musically.

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