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By N. Leveck

On reinventing Gopher

Entered in vim on RPoJ via ssh


So much never ending discussion on reinventing gopher. Adding encryption, adding markup, adding ... I, as it turns out am against every last bit of it. I reflected on it. Some of it excited me, then kept thinking about it and it dawned on me: big data is not watching gopher. The problems just are not here. I do not care about markup. If I did I'd be on the WWW. If it was a super concern I'd just host vanilla html over standard gopher. It has been mentioned so many times over the past years that gopher just works on every platform, even computers of high vintage. Why break this?

It also makes me feel attachment that the same gopher I was introduced to in 1993 is what I am using now. Good ole RFC 1436. Of course, everyone can do what they like. Enough content will remain for my tastes. Plain text will still be served on port 70 and I can unwind while navigating gophermaps.

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