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On this weekend

Entered in vim on RPoJ via ssh from Xylophar

Soundtrack: My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun


Today was fairly productive. My wife, my daughter, and I stripped my daughter's room down, shampooed the carpet and did a general clean up. I spent the rest of the day going down esoteric rabbitholes revolving around Atlantis. After I type this I am going back to reading Plato on my Kobo N905 ebook reader.

I also did a sudo apt update;sudo apt dist-upgrade on RPoJ, RPoA, and Xylophar. I am typically shy on doing this to RPoD, and like to plan big changes on that box. The Pi's are running stock Raspbian these days due to ease of use and included firmware. Xylophar, the Thinkpad X201, runs Devuan. Other laptops in the arsenal include the Lifebook P1120 running OpenBSD, the OmniBook 800CT running Windows 98, and the OmniBook 500 running Windows 95. I pulled out Xylophar to transfer some epubs to the Kobo, as I have shortcuts to RPoJ saved in Thunar. So nice.

The Raspberry Pi of Judgement (RPoJ) remains my main PC. I have a couple tmux sessions persisting. One for Internet consumption: gopher, tootstream, and slrn. One with a zsh shell (local), and ssh sessions to RPoA, RPod, and the gopher chroot on RPoD. RPoA (the Raspberry Pi of Anguish) is my Internet isolated telnet and ftp server for accessing from PalmOS devices and older PCs, RPoD (the Raspberry Pi of Death) is my Internet facing server -- although things like searx do run from RPoJ.

My vim wikis have stagnated of late as around the turn of year, I switched to a moleskine notebook as a daily driver. In 1986, I developed my own alphabet and grammatical rules. I write all notes using this in the cursive variant. I do not worry about other humans reading my notebook. Very much security through obscurity, yeah, but it looks very alien to other people.

In music news, my last Natanas album was picked up on RockBox torrents as has over four hundred downloads so far as I write this. I support piracy wholeheartedly when it comes to my music. I certainly did not cost me anything to make that album but time, and I was surely going to live that time regardless and do not require fiat currency in exchange for doing so. Some Russians on another file sharing site hated this album completely. As I translated the comments I got a chuckle. I do not give one single fuck if anyone likes my music. I enjoyed making it, and occasionally enjoy revisiting it to be reminded of the time frame it was made in. For example, there was a German blogger who hated Natanas, and did a series of blogs on why he did. I recorded the album Decline and dedicated it to him. Leaving comments on sites or writing blogs is like talking to yourself. If you think you are making an impact you are flattering yourself. If you are doing so secure in this knowledge, then good on you.

Of course not everyone hates this project. I have some fairly diehard fans. That to will put a smile on my face, but ultimately it remains a wholly personal enterprise.

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