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On being social

Entered in vim on Chaephron (OpenBSD Lifebook P1120)


I am fairly unsocial (antisocial?). I have my moments IRL, but they are few and far between. Since it dawned on me that social networks are tools of corporations and governments to spy on me (and really, why did it take me so damned long for this to sink in), my social sphere has shrunken incredibly. That this is possibly the desired end result of those groups that control the social networks, I shall leave for another day.

A laying aside of large networks

I have a neglected VK account I keep around for music reasons, and an account on mastodon.sdf.org -- that's about it. Far and away the denizens of the fediverse are ideologically in opposition to me. I have in place a very cohesive filter setup on my account to keep my blood- pressure low. Ultimately, a lot of dreck still gets thru. I associate at a perfunctory level at work with persons I have known for years but never integrated into my personal life. This leaves my family and books. Don't get me wrong, I like the shit out of them...

I am still trying to get a handle on having only two days off at a whack after having about a week off with regularity for years. This schedule does effect the depth and breadth of projects and undertakings. One change is that this year, I am actually taking my vacation time, instead of just burning it on days off. I think a camping trip in northern Wyoming will do me some good.

An introvert

As an INTJ, I very much live in my own head. By the same token, being deprived of channels or socialization via the malfeasance of powerful groups is a bummer. If only there was a way to completely, totally opt out of absolutely everything. Yeah, of course there is, if you do not mind being homeless and have the skills required to vanish into public land and survive while eluding TPTB. For those like me, who have worked just shy of 30 years and voluntarily shackled themselves to the machinery enslaving them, this path is hard to swallow. Yet, I do advocate for people to learn the skills required. Prepping leads to your stock pile being confiscated. I think the answer to a SHTF situation is to have the knowledge to survive with nothing but the shirt on your back and to be able to improvise whatever tools you require.

History is a cycle

Right about now you may be thinking I am a nutter. If you are thinking this, then maybe you should start thinking long and hard about what is going on around you. Or don't The herd has been thinned quite a few times before. Leaving monuments, or mostly -- nothing at all -- behind. Plato elucidates the like happening around 11,500 years ago in the telling of the story of Atlantis. In that telling, he points out that there were other cataclysms prior. In recorded history we had plagues wipe out 25% to 50% of the population. Stronger than plague would be something that strikes the infrastructure we are all so dependent upon.

How the lack of socialization ties back in

If society fails and we are all islands apart from each other, having no close associates, then very small tribal structures will be the result. I see this occurring along familial lines. Not having a network of people you trust will splinter those still around further. This is the point where people tend to toss in something like "go outside, meet your neighbors," yet I have met my neighbors and have little in common with them. Oh well, small group it remains.

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