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On a balmy Sunday

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I am having a sedate Sunday. I spent the day so far cooking breakfast with my daughter as I do all Sundays, followed by some reading (current: Evola - The Hermetic Tradition), followed by tweaking the .htaccess on the blog version of this phlog.

The breakfast we made is a favorite of ours: fried diced Spam, mixed with a can of chilli con carne (no bean), 4 eggs, mozzarella + Parmesan cheese. I like mine on a tortilla, she just likes to eat it with a spoon. Bonus points for adding hot sauce (my favorites lately are Melinda's JalapeƱo Sauce and the ever present Tabasco).

Coming up

Next week will be fast, the American Independence Day holiday will give me a day off during the week. I will work Friday, however, because I am a wage slave. I only get one day off that weekend because I have to fly to Houston on business. Houston in July is not my idea of fun. At least there are Whataburgers there.

The heat will be offset in that the usual work responsibilities will be on hold. In this regard, I look forward to this trip.

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