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It has been a busy month. I was in Houston, Texas for seven days earlier this month. Monsoon made the weather tolerable. I will be in Colorado all next week on business. So much to do!

Reading updates

I took a break from philosophical reading and purchased a copy of The Alchemist by Coelho at the Houston airport. I really enjoyed this novel. The Hermetic thread throughout the tale was right up my ally.

Since I was fictionally already in the area of Spain, I then bought a copy of Don Quixote since it has been on my to read list for years. I am 200 pages in so far, and find myself completely enamoured with this book. I had done extenssive research into the entirety of gnostic thought years ago. The troubadors, Cathars, and the chivalric/courtly traditions are firmly embedded in this world view. The words and thought processes that come from the person of Quixote display a saterical view of this tradition.

I have about three other books on the back burner ready to pick back up when I am done living in the 16th century...

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