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On Camping

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Just got back from Ashley National Forest in Utah. My wife, youngest daughter, and I spent three days and two nights camping in the woods. We slept in a tent and cooked on a fire. Oddly enough, this was the first time I have ever went camping. It is definitely something we're going to be doing more of.

I have a list of things to do differently. A thin mat under a warm weather sleeping bag is hard on a forty-something year old back. I am thinking of giving hammocks a try. Also, while my girls liked swimming in Flaming Gorge, it left me shivering with purple lips... Some things we over packed, other things, such as a spatula, we forgot altogether (imagine scrambling eggs in a cast iron skillet over a camp fire using a telescoping hot dog fork). A great time was had, many mad-libs were played, many memories were made.

My vacation continues now at home for the rest of the week. Loving every minute of this.

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