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By N. Leveck

On a satisfying lazy day

entered in CardTXT on Sony Clie Peg UX50


Having nine days off at a whack is fairly decadent. I am not truly prepared to return! Today was sedate. The most excitement came when my fancy new safety razor arrived in the mail (a Vikings Blade The Emperor) and I immediately got rid of four days worth of whiskers. Definitely easier on my face than the shavette I had been using.

The gophersphere appears to be unanimous in support of camping with air mattresses. I will be purchasing a few and a foot pump to go with them in upcoming weeks. I had jokingly cursed my wife to never seeing a bear in the wild, but she so much wants to that a trip to Yellowstone is likely in our future.

Binge watching maker channels on YouTube has consumed most of today. Usually I'd consider that a waste, but today it seems alright. I hung out in my studio for several hours yesterday and recorded something that will likely end up being a whole new project. It turned out hard rock-ish which kind of makes sense since I have been in a classic metal sort of mood for several weeks. I am happy with it so far.

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