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Treo 90 Arrived

Entered in CardTXT on Treo 90


I came home from work this afternoon and my new (literally new in box, this thing still has the protective sticker on the screen) Handspring Treo 90 was waiting for me! I have not yet received the replacement battery, but did also receive the USB charging cable. I have had bad luck in the past with old lithium batteries, and did not have any faith in the one in this device, it is 17 years old after all.

Well, I plugged it in and it turned on. It went through its first time setup just fine. The battery was flat dead, but over the next hour it charged to full. While it was charging, I beamed some apps to it from my Sony Clie PEG UX50. First was CardTXT - a text editor that can save UNIX or DOS EOL text files to the SD card (I am running a 128MB SD in this device). Next came UniCMD. This is a file manager that also does backups and allows receiving beaming of non- Palm files. This is crucial.

Next I tried a few IF apps to play Z machine games. CLIFrotz and Celardoor both refused to run on this device - they require a high res screen. Kronos, however, works like a champ. I beamed 20 z? files to the Treo from the UX50. UniCMD made this possible.

After that I kind of went crazy... here is the list of apps installed:

These were beamed either from one of my Handspring Visor Deluxes, or my UX50. Some apps were downloaded on my iPad Pro then FTP'd to the Raspberry Pi of Anguish then d/l'd to my UX50 then beamed over to the Treo 90... what a good time!

I am so enamoured with tin right now as an NNTP client, that I do not think I will use Yanoff on this device at the moment. Plus I do not want to lose my place on comp.unix.shell... this device is like 2002 all over again and I love it.

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