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Fun with Palm doc format

Entered on Handspring Treo 90


Since Plucker's website is dead and the software won't run on a Raspberry Pi (my main PC), I have been experimenting with using Palm doc format instead. I wrote a script that calls curl to fetch a page, then removes non ASCII characters, then converts to text, then converts to Palm doc.

I have iSilo on my Treo 90 because I like it better for doc files than CardTXT (which excels at text files). So far so good. Well, then I read that MobiPocket renders basic html markup in palm doc format. Only I did not have MobiPocket to test this out. The Wayback Machine to the rescue! I found MobiBook 1.1 from 1999. I had tried MobiPocket 5 point something but it crashed my Treo. Anyways, I made a simple html document and converted it to Palm doc, opened it with MobiBook 1.1 and it rendered! Well, it ignored color but in 1999 there wasn't any. Also, don't think I was using CSS, no, just old school html.

So the plan now is to find or write something to simplify html and then convert that to palm doc. Maybe a html to markdown to html conversion would do the trick?

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