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Received the Tungsten C

Entered in CardTXT on Tungsten C


So I had received a Tunsten C last week and it had a deadspot on the touch screen as well as keyboard issues. The seller agreed to replace it with a different unit. So I mailed it back and they sent another. I am glad I did.

This one is perfect. The only minor defect being a small crack near the power connector. I may epoxy that as a preventive measure.

In preparation for this, I updated the gopher proxy on my sdf webspace to enable binary downloads and images. Note: yes my robots.txt is deny all! The reason for the proxy now is two fold:

  1. In EudoraWeb, gopher thru a proxy is so much nicer than PVTerm.
  2. I have a lot of Palm OS software on RPoD and I can OTA install it via the proxy straight from gopher instead of enabing ftp on RPoD. Using the default browser is best for this.

Fonts4OS5 is a nice app indeed. I think I will install it on my UX50 as well. I am typing this in Times New Roman. It look nicer than the default font. I wish it had a good (read: any) monospace font though.

Of course I have my beloved LauncherX installed. Patched now, but I did actually purchase it when it came out. Also, in an uncharacteristic move, I loaded up a bunch of Astraware games. I had paid for a few of those too... but never played Bejewled 2 in hi-res till tonight. Holy shit! Blows the older version away.

I still have a case coming from Australia. I have no idea when that'll get here. I also ordered two chrome OEM styluses becaue my Tungsten W and the original Tungsten C came to me with plastic ones. However, this T|C has a chrome stylus already.

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