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By N. Leveck


Entered on Treo 90


I have written before, if memory serves, about a complete loss of fitting in with modern life. Being as how I am currently typing on a 17 year old, noninternet connected PDA, I'll forego a link... Any way, this has progressed. At work, I write jquery code for sharepoint sites as part of my job. At home anything to do with that seems foreign. The slick appearance of the modern web seems aesthetically incorrect. The slick metal and glass, large form factor phones everyone carries seem like a pocket bulge full of radiation and extra weight.

I do use an iPad Pro as my main device when home. However, this is primarily (by a huge margin) used as a Linux ssh terminal, and for music production (damn near zero audio latency on an iPad). When I leave the house, I leave my phone at home. If I do surf the web it is to use startpage to search for a snippet of sed regex, or a httpd config option. Usenet is another huge time sink for me. The protocol appeals to me -- a forum that predates the internet and existed without it.

I was on a dead-tree book binge before the last round of PDA purchases, but have been indulging in Project Gutenberg converted to Plucker. Cheaper and satisfying on two different fronts to me. Also, to those of a like mind to me: on RPoD Gopherhole there lives a local version of the Project Gutenberg in Gopherspace. Unlike the version I wrote for PG that they host, the RPoD version converts books on the fly to Palm Doc in addition to plaintext. Look for it in Apps section of RPoD...

My love for plaintext has made me immune to wanting flashy apps. Absolutely any old device will do for my purposes. (now that I have said that, I need to write a phlog post as a set of BASIC REM statements on my Sharp PC1261, save it to cassette and figure out how to read that on a Raspberry Pi...

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