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Today is all about projects. I am going to snake a drain in my secondary bathroom. I am not really looking forward to this...

The second project is going to be more fun. I am torrenting Ubuntu Studio at the moment to install on an older (but still viable) PC in my studio. I will need to clean up my studio and rearrange everything to accomodate a 40" monitor I had laying around and setup a 1970s receiver to act as my audio monitor. I will also be hooking up a 1980s oscilloscope to the audio out for visualization (mainly because I have that laying around too). I have so many instruments and other items in that room it is going to be sort of like playing tetris making all this fit. Stacking guitar/bass amps, stowing patch cables, and hanging guitars on the wall will help. I may need to move my drum kit, but this is problematic as there are a lot of cables going to it -- it is a homebrewed electronic drum kit I built myself. It has a roland trigger module, midi hub, usb powered hub, and is also connected to an alesis four pad trigger. The drum pads are made out of rico practice pads, with after market high density foam, an 8" cake pan bottom, and a piezo transducer.

The PC will have 20 simultaneous audio inputs after bridging multiple interfaces together with jack. I shouldn't need this many, but it may be an excuse to start mic'ing the hell out of the room. Or I may resurect my harsh noise project, Hydrogen Sulfide...

So much to do!

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