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Was screwing around with writing a gopherd in FreeBasic today.
It still needs some work, but will display gophermaps and naked
directories (types 1 and 0) so far. Posted the source in the
PROJECTS section of RPoD
I had forgotten what termux was like on android... with the
lockdown on modern cheapy android phones (I am using the Samsung
J7 Crown as my daily driver), rooting your device is impossible.
Termux makes this not such a big deal. A functional package
manager, and all my favorite apps make for a comfy experience. I
have a tmux session running in termux, and use T_UI as my launcher
with termux aliased to 't'. Simple and effective. I have T_UI'
XML config customized to only show what is useful to me (IE -
only my aliases, and not last-used commands). In termux I also
have zsh installed and have scp'd over my dot files (I have not
git-cloned my entire dotfiles repo, as it is multi-gigabytes in
size -- I should likely cut this down). My phone environment is
cozy and familiar. I have not bothered to install any media player
on this phone as I have two iPods for this -- a stock iPod 5G, and
a iPod 5G modded with a 256GB SD card instead of a HDD. There is
no gain in duplicating my music collection. I just lock my iPod in
my glove box when I park (unless I deem it too cold out to leave
it behind, in which case it goes into a jacket pocket). A simple
plaintext file provides me with on the go notes writing. I have
PHEM installed with a copy of my PalmOS databases, which I keep
in sync with my Treo 90. A copy of my resume and an android main
client rounds out this device. All in all I am liking this...
Been scarce because I bought a 31 year old Honda Prelude and I have
had some tasks to perform to get it good to go... got pulled over
by a cop today for speeding. Damn sports cars anyway.
Got the Palm m130 today. It was DOA. Attached a charge cable and
nothing... hit reset, nothing. Dammit. However -- this is not
a loss. It came with a PalmPak Games Card and the PalmPak Rand
McNally Road Atlas card. Pretty sweet. The Atlas doesn't like that
OS5 doesn't load the serial driver and Fatal Errors. I am pretty
sure there is a Palm Powerup app for that. Meh. It works great on
my Treo 90.
I have a Palm Tungsten T3, and a Palm m130 coming. I had an m130
when they just came out. There was a class action law suit over the
m130 claiming it was 16 bit color when it was in fact 12 bit color.
The outcome was you could get your money back. I did -- because I
wanted a Treo 90! So this will be the first time I have had both
models at once.
So back on the post starting with 'YE5v', I stated I wanted to do
something with Windows 98 and Palm syncing... WTF was I thinking?
Can Windows running in DOSbox even touch USB hardware? Anyways,
I have had a Panasonic Toughbook running Windows XP for the past
year or so. I do not even remember ever screwing with it... it is
probably dusty.
So, since I have my Thinkpad X201 out and on, I think I'll install
Mate since Jirka seems to like it...
Finally noticed that the 1436_Files chroot .bash_profile had been
defaced. Things are much more armored now. Thank you to whomever it
was for prodding me to improve it!
Uploaded _all_ the Palm Tipsheet issues that exist as PalmDoc to a
directory called PalmDoc in the Palm_Tipsheet directory of the RPoD
Plucker Collection, for those of you that'd be interested in such
Just had some fun integrating Palm ToDos into my Remind script.
My remind script displays cal(1) with a groff(1) box around it,
followed by remind(1) reminders with colored headers by day. Now
this is followed by Palm ToDos. I have a directory monitored
by direvent(8) that I ftp my ToDoDB.pdb to. Once detected,
pilot-read-todos is called to convert the pdb file to text. A quick
sed(1) massage later and the todo list has lines that look like: 
[ ] Todo Item
Pretty damned slick...
Gnu direvent is running for moku-pona, my phlog, and the General
Purpose Section of So frigan cool...
Forgot to mention this: I use a Logitech m570 wireless trackball
mouse at work (have one for home too). This mouse has two small
programmable buttons (well, all the buttons are programable, but I
like what they do, leaving these to extra ones to screw with). I
have the top of these 2 buttons programmed to output CTRL+A and the
bottom button outputs ) -- pressing them top then bottom switches
tmux sessions. Nifty and useful.
Last night I compiled apache_mod_hoedown on RPoD for use with
the General Purpose Section (my manual "wiki" composed soley on
a Palm device). It has more features than apache_mod_markdown,
such as tables and footnotes. However, I think that at least
for now, I will keep the Phlog using apache_mod_markdown as
it supports a universal header and footer for markdown files.
Also, for phlog phosts, I find that I do not really require the
additional features. I typically only need headings, links,
emphasis, and lists. Read more about apache_mod_hoedown here:
fellow port 70 dwellers: if you have a primitive www site and you
have an 88x31 pixel button for your site, let's trade. My 88x31 is
on -- left most button, top row, this is
at the bottom of the page.
every time I get to surfing eBay, I start looking at older
macintosh laptops... then it strikes me that all I'd do with it
is install some strain of Linux on it, so why do I need another
laptop? crisis averted. for another day at least.
Just like that: indecision. So the seller got back with me and
has selected a replacement T|C for me with an excellent screen,
new batt, tested keyboard. This seller also has a >20k eBay score
and 100% positive feedback. So I packed up the T|C after factory
resetting it, and shall mail it off on Tuesday. Hopefully it is not
a huge wait as I still have the case coming from Australia.
Goal: to install Windows 98 in DOSbox on my ThinkPad. Specifically
to install Palm Desktop and the conduit for the EyeModule. I want
to get more use out of the camera springboard module I own for my
Visor Deluxe. There is no reason to even plug it into the Visor if
I cannot harvest the photos...
Went ahead and implemented a Palm Doc digest for RPoD Phlog. It
auto updates everytime I post. It is linked on both the gopher and
www versions.
is there any audience for automatic pluckering of gopher-logs?
something based upon, for example, lynx -d -listonly -nonumbers
gopher:// | head -10 ?? The trick here is I
would have to have a config file for the like depth of each phlog
-- for example some phlogs have one file to link to, some are 4
deep to get to the content, I am bad too, mine is three deep --
then curl the content to temp files, then plucker-build the temp
files, deleting them afterward. This is not un-doable. Now the
thing that makes this whole line of thought dumb is that plucker
is specifically an HTML viewer -- offline. So yes, while I could
make plucker docs from gopher, gopher is plain text... Now, palmdoc
versions of a phlog feed would be pretty damned cool. Easy to do
the actual conversion, but with the same overhead of figuring out
where the actual content is. Since it would be a labor of love,
this would likely just be some sort of hard coded conf file per
phlog. If you made it this far, that was just a lot of words to say
"is there any interest in a palmdoc format digest of a phlogfeed?"
I am now leaning towards NOT sending my Tungsten C back to the
seller. The screen issue has not posed that big a problem, and
the T|C is not such a rare device that I cannot just buy another
one and use this one for parts if need be. Hell, I could just
canibalize my Tungsten W for that matter. So screw it!
Hmmm... ROOPHLOCH is pretty much how I phost anyway, minus
necessarily being outside. Challenge accepted.
debating sending my Tungsten C back to the seller... there is a
deadspot on the screen, bottom near the right corner. They offered
to replace the screen if I send it back, but I do not really want
to send it back. I asked how ong this would take... we will see.
Just got done hotsyncing the Palm IIIxe, Sony Clie PEG UX50, Palm
T|X, and Palm LifeDrive. The Palm LifeDrive I have owned since 2008
or 2009... this was its first hotsync. The hotsync directories for
these devices were then rsync'd to network storage and pushed to
So, a while back I purchased a Palm IIIxe. It _only_ had hotsync
and prefs on it when I recieved it. I finally got around to running
a JackFlash3 keygen from and installing JackFlash
3.1 and JackSafe on it. I then found out the device had FlashPro
installed on it. Once installing and running RemoveFP.prc from
the JackFlash archive, I then installed Visor Deluxe versions of
Memopad, Todolist, Addressbook, and Calendar to flash, along with
laucher3, filez, changename, gotype driver, and Xmaster. Then I 
ran JackSafe and hard reset the device. So very nice.
I have a Palm Tungsten W and a Palm Tunsten C both on the way
compiling mdcat has RPoJ at 140'F... normally hovers around 105'F.
Hope it hurries up!
Cavernlord - Unrecognizable
(c)2019 Nathaniel "Namtaräum" Leveck
All rights reserved.
They are crushing 
My fucking soul 
They are taking 
All that I am 
Giving my earnings 
To the ungrateful 
Giving my essence 
To all that I’m not 
Taking me 
Straight under 
I have no control 
No control 
No control 
(Tortured yells) 
Take what you please 
You have me pinned by knees 
You just take what you please 
Crushing my fucking soul 
Take my all, take the whole 
Unrecognizable this fucking world
Drums, electric guitar (rhythm), electric bass 
guitar, electric guitar (lead), vocal, backing 
vocals (in order of recording). Recorded at 
Natanas Studios in Wyoming on 11 August 2019.
Cavernlod - Take It
(c)2019 Nathaniel "Namtaräum" Leveck
All rights reserved.
(Tortured yells) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
Obvious, you are slaves 
You are shackled to your pay 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
They own you, all of your days (yells) 
And they own you (you) all of your days (yells) 
You are their property (property) 
And you cannot deny (deny) 
That they own you (own you) 
You are a slave (JUST FUCKING PROPERTY) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
And you take it (And you take it) 
All of your fucking days
Written and performed by Nathaniel “Namtaräum” Leveck 
Electric guitar, electric bass, drums, piccolo, vocals, 
backing vocals (in order of recording). Recorded at 
Natanas Studios in Wyoming on 11 August 2019.
Cavernlord - Fooled
(c) 2019 Nathaniel "Namtaräum" Leveck
Living in a fake place 
All of of this takes place 
In a simulation 
Nothing you see is real 
Nothing. You see is real. 
All of this plane. 
Bubble Universe. 
You are living in a program. 
You think you are a man. 
Just zeros and ones. 
Bubble universe. 
Living as true as a trope. 
Sacrificing memory. 
Watching the futile. 
Living in a fake place. 
Nothing you see takes place. 
Just an illusion in 
A computer somewhere. 
Illusory, your existence (existence) 
Illusory (illusory), your existence (existence) 
Illusory (illusory), existence (existence) 
It’s not real (real) 
It’s illusory (illusory) 
This existence (existence) 
We’re all being (fooled) 
Fooled (fooled) 
Fooled (fooled) 
Fooled (fooled) 
Fooled (fooled)
Written and performed by Nathaniel “Namtaräum” Leveck 
Electric guitar, electric bass, drums, acoustic guitar, 
acoustic bass, piccolo, e minor harmonica, vocals, 
backing vocals (in order of recording). 
Recorded at Natanas Studios in Wyoming on 2 August 2019.
Got tin configured earlier today. The issue was I had never setup
my .newsauth... Man, I do really prefer the TUI of tin to slrn.
Different strokes and all that YMMV.
Speaking of NNTP. I use _slrn_ on Linux to read usenet. I am
checking out tin, and seriously need to RTFM... What do you use to
read usenet? I like console apps, so X11 need not apply. I like
tin's non-frame TUI over slrn. What else exists?
I have a Handspring Treo 90 coming. In 2002, my favorite app on
this device was Yanoff (usenet news reader). Since the device does
not have wireless, at the time I used the hotsync conduit to update
my subscriptions, and to make posts. I think this time round I will
cheat - sync on my Sony Clie PEG UX50 via WiFi, then beam the pdb
files. No posting, but then again, I am a serious lurker.
surfing gopher on my Sony Clie Peg UX50 via telnet to the Raspberry
Pi of Anguish (RPoA). I notice that people who sort their phlogs
ascending (oldest first) are a pain in the butt for a client such
as this... oh well. Also, it is good to have a pair of 2x reading
glasses for this task as the 80 column font in PVTerm is certainly
for ants.
Between the official bandcamp release, the torrents, and the file
sharing sites, Natanas - Impure has over 1000 downloads so far. Not
bad at all.
Solderpunk wrote at [1] about summer in Finland. Man,
that sounds outstanding. The description of the light,
and the temperatures... yeah, it made me jealous. 
[1] gopher://
alt.history.what-if has to be my all time favorite newsgroup. I
think instead of surfing the web at breakfast, I will read this
group... it is likely to be a more enjoyable use of time.
Hard reset my Sony Peg UX50. Decided to use UniCMD as main backup
app. Utilized cpen scanner in conjunction with this device during
some research today.
diff ~/lynx_bookmarks.html ~/bin/header | sed 's/^< //g' | tail -n +2 > ~/t
cat ~/t | sed s'@>@>\% @g' | sort +3 | sed s'@>\% @>@g' > ~/tt
cat ~/bin/header ~/tt > ~/lynx_bookmarks.html
rm ~/t ~/tt
Feeling very analog today. I have to fly out at 0100 tonight,
headed to work at 2230 to ensure punctuality. I am going to bring a
moleskine in a leather cover as my main data collection device.
I am amazed at just how *easy* openBSD is. Everything is so damned
clean. Today I removed the DM from rc.conf.local, git cloned,
modified the config.h's on the suckless packages I wanted (dwm,
tabbed, st), compiled them, wrote a simple .xinitrc and ran startx.
Peppy on this 16 year old laptop -- nice
Managed to locate original CDs of Shadow Warrior and Redneck
Rampage (both from 1997). Power bricks for the Fujitsu Lifebook
P1120 and the Panasonic Toughbook C-18 arrive tomorrow. Still
awaiting the Lifebook battery and the OEM copy of Windows ME. I can
at least see if the Lifebook will boot from my USB floppy drive in
the mean time, and see if the Toughbook is functional (I assume the
battery on it is toast, but that project is of secondary importance
to me).
My wife's car lost a bearing in one of its half axels today. It is
good to have friends that are mechanics.
Down to the last two work days this hitch. I have been woken up by
my phone multiple times every night for the last week. I am not on
call for the last two days of my hitch. This is the best feeling.
The c-pen is going to come in handy for research for my novel.
Information I wish to gather can be scanned, OCR'd and beamed to
my Alphasmart Dana. I am looking forward to a block of time to get
this ball rolling. Once I have a stronger plan for what I want to
accomplish, I can change my routine and set personal deadlines.
Haven't had my gopher server in a git repo since the gosher
rollout. This is now fixed. I also have the entire chroot rsync'd
regularly in cron. Feels good, man.
Wednesday and Thursday I worked 35 hours. Being on call is
sometimes a drag.
Alphasmart Dana workflow: Type document in AlphaWord, which is
WordSmith plus widescreen mod. Beam to UX50. Use WordSmith to
convert to PalmDoc. Use tejpWriter to convert to text. These
conversion steps take mere seconds. FTP text file to RPoA using
Resco Explorer. Post using script on RPoA via telnt using PVTerm.
Done, and fast
Resco Explorer (abandonware, available in the Palm OS apps section
of RPoD) allows copy + paste access to ftp. I use it daily to
backup my memoDB and other essential files, as well as to install
apps on my UX50 or HE330 (via CF WiFi adaptor). I host an ftp
server on my home network that is not exposed through my router
expressly for this purpose. Very useful.
A friend gave me a dead Palm Zire 21 a week ago. I bought a $10
replacement battery online for it. It came in the mail today. Two
wires soldered later and it is back in service.
Added palmDoc downloads to Project Gutenberg in Gopherspace. Break
out the PDAs and do some reading...
Comedy of errors. Fixed the Zaurus last night. Decided to install
OpenBSD on it this evening. I had it plugged into a 5000 mAH
battery pack to help it stay alive because the plan was to install
from the net and the CF WiFi adaptor is power hungry. So, I get
the ipk for OpenBSD installed, bootloader installed, installation
started, entire internal drive chosen, partitioned, formatted,
then... constant stream of errors from wi0 (the WiFi adaptor)
during sets installation. Then the screen went corrupted. There
is a vague smell from inside the unit also. I took power away,
battery out. Disassembled the unit. Nothing scorched or melted
inside. Maybe it is the aged plastic I smelled. The unit will not
currently power on. My theory is that the battery was pulled too
low, this caused the WiFi card to act up, and the no-booting now
(screen blinks and goes off). So, I have it sitting, plugged into
a charger, drive with original Z image installed. So now I wait.
Dammit, I wanted OpenBSD! What's a man gotta do?
man, the zaurus is just so damned tempermental. pretty sure I have
hosed it again. This time by installing a damned font. IDK why
this hosed it, but it froze. After plugging it in and waiting 15
minutes, I hit reset.. Another extended fsck (still ongoing) and I
am thinking it is fucked. I will need to reimage the drive. I am
starting to hate this thing. Maybe I will install Arch Linux on
Sounds like server 101, but I had so much extra shit running on
RPoD -- mpd, X11, sendmail, ad naseum... cleaned up big time and
the performance of gosher is soooooo much better. Why the hell
hadn't I done this before?
No luck getting the Symbol Spectrum wireless CF card to work in my
Zaurus. Fuck it. I just bought a SMC-2642W which is known to work
automatically with the SL-C3K.
so, yeah, I screwed the pooch on the Z. corrupted the internal
HD bad, went into a boot loop. Imaged another CF, 8gb sandisk,
brand new. Installed and so far so good. Definitely going to pay
attention to what apps are running, and when the unit is put into
suspend. At least CF cards are plentiful and I have a good image
Also, instead of stretching the partition, I made a ~4gb ext
partition with the free space and added it to /etc/fstab.
I must learn to be careful with the Zaurus in what the unit is
doing at the time I choose to close the lid [suspend]. Carelessness
leads to a reboot and a long boot up. I am glad the important OS
stuff is RO.
I have modified the source of sacc gopher client in the following
way: to use less as the pager, to eliminate caching as I always
leave a gopher client running in tmux and want all links followed
to be fetched, and to include type P for PDF files (calls download
like type 9, etc.). I am going to attempt to compile this on my
Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000. (first I need to get my CF WiFi adaptor
TODO on the Zaurus: modify the keymap so the two Japanese keys map
to single and double quotes. Super needed keys, those
My Z battery is in town, but will not be delivered today due to
it being thanksgiving day. I have tomorrow off of work as well so
hopefully the mail comes early enough to mess with stuff
Wowsers... found an app called PVTermm for Palm OS that does vt100
very well and tiny font 80x25 telnet better than any app I have
tested. I am typing this directly on RPoD (telnetted into RPoA,
ssh'd into RPoJ in a tmux session, ssh'd into the RPoD chroot --
take that) from my UX50. I have to wear 2x reading glasses to use
it, and I have perfect vision (I do things like this often, which
is why I have a few pairs of readers), but it works oh so well.
I had forgotten how much I loved an app named Yanoff for Palm OS.
It was my most used app in the very early 2000s on my Handspring
Treo 90. This app is, of course, a UseNet reader. I have it
installed now on my UX50, connected to eternal-september and am
enjoying the hell out of it. Groups like soc.history.what-if are
still active. I only wish Yanoff had a kill file to do away with
sex spammers, but manual deletion works well enough.
My goal next week in North Dakota is going to be to write phlog
entries daily on the UX50, then upload them all and update RPoD
once I return. Delayed gratification phlogging, I'll see how it
pans out.
The battery on my Clie PEG-UX50 was swelled up like it was about to
blow, and was pushing the plastic back of the unit out, deforming
it. I am getting the new batt tomorrow, but after I realized the
batt was swelled up, I removed it. The device now works in cradle!
I am sshed into RPoD's chroot from a telnet connection to RPoA from
MochaTelnet on the UX50. pretty damned rad!
In Wyoming, waiting for my return from North Dakota next week
is the following: Palm III GoType Keyboard, Sony Clie PEG UX50,
extended lithium battery for PEG UX50, memory stick to memory stick
duo adaptor, memory stick duo 2gb, memory stick duo to uSD adaptor,
clear-write screen protectors for PEG UX50. It is going to be like
Christmas morning when I arrive.
RE: tfurrows on /lib/terry: It's quotes from Terry Davis, the
creator of Temple OS. It is meant to be used like the troll command
or piped to fortune. Terry Davis is a bit of an Internet legend who
died earlier this year. He wrote his own OS and made many youtube
videos. He is an icon on /tech on 8chan. The chan tie in with
9front sums up the attitude you noted quite handily.
My Palm IIIxe will arrive Monday according to the tracking. I
should get the USB to serial dongle I have installed on the
Wrote to Paul Nevai who wrote peditPro and other great pieces
of Palm OS software, and he is sending me registrations
for all his programs for free! Go here to see what he has:
I ordered another PDA today on ebay: an orange Handspring Visor
Deluxe. I want a spare, and with my 8mb backup module, it'll be
the same as my other one with a single button press. Due to the
fact that I love the look of this thing, I'll likely use it as my
primary once I get it (which'll be after my business trip).
finally got around to testing the diddlebug db bitmap extractor!
rad AF
Modified quite a bit in the chroot on RPoD over the past 2 days...
tell me if anything is broken!
so much tmux configuration action!
Tonight's after work docket: got my sync cable for the Handspring
Visor delivered. Going to install a palmos memo wiki hack, then
experiment with text file export from jpilot, then (hopefully)
have those files be a bidirectional sync with vimwiki... a man can
dream, right?
Stopped gdm3 from starting on the RCA Cambio. Textual login and
[optional] startx. Currently using I3wm, Urxvt, powerline bar,
nm-applet. Performance is hugely better than with gnome3 (plus it
feels like I am on a damned phone -- not into it).
sucessful in installing Ubuntu on my rca cambio. i now have a fully
functional linux tablet/laptop for $140. pretty damned amazing.
Figured out how to remove all the bullshit bloat in Windows 10
that does not show up in Programs/Features. Run powershell as
administrator, then list apps with:
  Get-AppxPackage | Select Name, PackageFullName
then remove an app with:
  Get-AppxPackage NAMEofAPP | RemoveAppxPAckage
For extra credit get a Windows 10 grep and sed:
  Get-AppxPackage | Select Name, PackageFullName | grep NAMEFRAGMENT | sed "s/ .*$//g" | remove-appxpackage
Bought a cheapy walmart surface clone yesterday. I wanted         
a Windows 10 machine to screw with... As an added level of        
distration, installed VirtualBox on it. Void in a window, on 32bit
Windows, on Atom. Cygwin for bash and prog utils and full Windows 
Vim round it out. All in all, not bad for 40. If I get bored with 
it I will slap Linux on it. The difficult part will be the 32bit  
UEFI and a 64bit proc. I already experimented with dual booting   
and grub refuses to install. This likely would not be an issue    
it Linux had the entire disk and the Windows bootloader wasn't    
occupying a readonly EFI partition at the fron of the disk Even   
though virtualbox runs peppy on this little thing, Microsoft will 
not allow WSL to install (wrong SKU of Windows?) at all. Thus the 
cywin. Not gonna lie, part of me feels dirty, but I have use cases
that require a Windows box and I hate using my wife's desktop
sdf changed gopherds and broke all my shit. whelp... thats it then.
just figured out I had residual port 7070 references in cgi scripts
in my Phlog directory. They were synced via git over the fixed
versions. The copies in the repo are now fixed. I appologize if
this kept your client from visiting.
I had a coworker hit me up for the last kitten we had yesterday...
in the rush to take him to my house after work to get it, I left
the Void Linux Live thumbdrive at work. Oh well, I have my laptop
with me today to start on @ lunch.
I need to move gosher to inetd instead of netcat I think... it acts
sluggish from my vps.
I am late to the party... just now installed and retried VF-1. The
first go round was very early in its development. Less did not work
for me and that was a deal breaker. Fully operational this time
round, VF-1 is a bad ass client. I think I am switching.
Moved RPoD gopherhole to the chrooted gosher installation.
Took leveck dot us www down. Replaced it with single sentence: Use
gopher. The World Wide Web is currently disgusting me...
Also, changed where the atom feed points (gopher:// instead of
Making huge headway on the chroot gopherhole migration. Made
some design decisions on new structure. Links will be broken on
some things. I have a lot of detritus in the live site. A lot of
orphaned files and directories, including every gophermap I have
ever made. I am culling this. The final product will be easier for
me to manage and keep clean.
I have also been experimenting with cheap storage. RPoJ now has
six 32gb thumb drives in its powered hub. Along with this, I have
been playing with local git repos cloned from the same machine (or
ssh) and hosted (origin master) on external storage. I am trying
not to have to trust an external git host. I like having off site
storage, but can git clone from work via ssh and also accomplish
that... it will be a process to figure out what ends up working.
I ended up putting Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 3b+ incarnation
of RPoJ. I reused the case I had on the RPi3b. To do so, I had
to desolder the POE header. For optimal cooling (I have it in an
aluminum heat sink case) I used thin heat transfer tape. It has a
128GB uSD card and using sshfs (fuse) I have the other two Pi's
mounted in its file system, along with a 1/2tb sata drive plugged
into an adaptor plugged into a powered hub (ankor). RPoD also has
a 1/2tb external (which is subsequently also mounted on RPoJ). I
am typing this post on RPoJ, saving to RPoD's file system, via ssh
from work. I do adore my little network. So useful...
In other news, I renewed my LE certs on yet
today I noticed they weren't live... I hadn't restarted the www
server service after renewal... dammit. Fixed.
...the ob800c isn't that great as a terminal either. the screen
resolution sucks, the keys stick, etc... I am back on my iPad Pro
now ssh'd into RPoA. The OmniBook 800c was my dream laptop when it
debuted. It still has a certain retro sexines to it...
ssh'd into RPoA via my HP OmniBook 800c. Funny that this laptop is
so very less powerfull than the Raspberry Pi I am remoted into...
A whopping Intel Pentium 133, 64MB of RAM running ancient Debian.
To have the Linksys PCMCIA adaptor connect I have to enable a 2nd
SSID and use WPA (not WPA2). I am glad to be in a small town, as I
wouldn't feel good about WPA in a large city.
This device is not bad as a terminal...
bashttpd -- a webserver written in bash that uses socat or netcat
I need to get off my ass and complete the chroot gopherhole
project. So very much flexibility inherent in gosher... My
modifications are mostly done. I think I want to take the time to
reorganize ALL my content into aptly named folders by section and
streamline the hell out of it. Maybe have gosher sed 's/_/ /g;' on
directory names so I have sane directories and nice display...
been on a reading binge... have not touched the chrooted gopherhole
project. it'll get moving when the time is right.
found out that debootstrap 1/2 works on termux on android. it'll
download debian to a dir but after proot'ing (no reg chroot
available) to that dir, constant errors... ooh well, a chroot in a
chroot is likely dumb. i was only playing anyway.
chroot in place on RPoD! Content copied over to the chroot. gosher
living in the chroot /bin. I just have to unfuck all my content
(gophernicus exclusive gophermap devices abound)... so much work to
#Run as root!
apt-get install binutils debootstrap
mkdir -p /gopher
debootstrap --arch armhf jessie /gopher
chroot /gopher
cat > ./usr/sbin/policy-rc.d <<EOF
exit 101
chmod a+x ./usr/sbin/policy-rc.d
dpkg-divert --divert /usr/bin/ischroot.debianutils --rename /usr/bin/ischroot
ln -s /bin/true /usr/bin/ischroot
During lunch today added a directory blurb file to my directory
listing addition to Gosher. Also added a third gophermap option
(originally supported gophermap and index.gph) -- gophermap.cgi.
playing around with gosher
(gopher:// I may move RPoD to a
fork of this. it is a shell script serving via netcat. a lot of
work to be done though, many customizations... i already added
serving directories with no gophermap, but many other additions
to be done. i also want to setup a chroot. this will be done on
another machine, then if all is well RPoD will be moved over. who
knows, i may hit a dead end...
Idea from the gopher mailinglist: an nc based gopher server. Sounds
like a fun project to screw with...
Last day in North Dakota! Heading to lunch @ 1130 then to Williston
to be suitably early at the airport... pretty stoked
wrote a script today to make my twitpher more twitterish. It uses
type 1 but works on the UMN gopher client.
Down to two more wakeups in North Dakota!
Setup fuse (sshfs) today so that RPoA has RPoD's /var /home and my
external drive mapped to directories under my user directory. So
damned conveinient. No more scp!
Not having a terrible time in North Dakota... all the same, it
would be nice to leave.
Figured out my sed problem myself...
$ cat getrefs
#Your server:
markdown "$*" | \
lynx -dump -listonly -stdin | \
sed -r -e "s/^[ \t]*//g;/^\s*$/d;s/References//g;s/^[0-9]\.//g;s/^[ \t]*//g;/^\s*$/d;\
/^http/ s/^.*$/&\tURL:&\t$SRV\t70/g;/^http/ s/^/h/g; \
/gopher:\/\// {s/\//\//4;s/^gopher:\/\///g;s/([^/]*)\/(.)(.*)/\2gopher:\/\/\1\/\2\3\t\3\t\1/1;s/$/\t70/g}" 2>/dev/null
zlg's phlog has a guestbook published on the phlog listing's
gophermap. What a clean, simple method of feedback. Doesn't
complicate posts. Doesn't intrude. Nice. I may steal this idea,
use my existing guestbook code for another guestbook just for
phlog feedback. I am not truly in favor of comments, but this is a
compromise that is sexy in its minimalistic implementation.
I feel so fucking stupid having jumped on the social media
bandwagon. So fucking stupid. I long for a time far distant, the
past. So far back freedom was default. Numbers were low and the
world was pure. It'll take a massive blow to return to this, such
an event is virtually impossible for the taint is already upon us.
tfurrows: I moved my phlog's main gophermap without thought to
user's bookmarks... the gophermap you had to have been hitting has
now been changed. Sorry to have been a consistent shitty surfing
I am sick and tired of European white leftists complaining about
racists, while they give away their homeland. The Chinese and the
rest of Asia have homelands. Same with the Indians, the Africans,
the South Americans. White countries are being destroyed by persons
with an agenda to do so and the White Left is too stupid to see.
The character and the culture - destroyed. Europe is not the
United States. There is no need to replace yourselves. There is no
shame in having a homeland. The rest of the world is watching in
disbelief. I have spoken to Chinese, Nigerians, American Indians,
Mexicans -- no one understands why Europeans bend over and take it.
Possible design for the vimwiki dual gopherhole / website -- a
gopher web proxy... that would be a huge abuse of type 1. Alex
Schroeder has already solved the format problem in his wiki / site.
The more I wrap my head around this project, the more his sollution
is perfect.
Yet, how to generate something akin to my current gopherhole?
Organization is utmostly important. This is where divergence
becomes large, and a lot of thought must be given.
What is the best black metal band from the Ukraine and why is it
Drudkh? It merely is...
Listening to Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells) -- just 
tfurrows: IDK if you read this twitpher... but anywho, I
noticed that error on Diggie Dog myself a while back, and just
never remembered to fix it. It has something to do with my
blatent abuse of type 1 gophermap as phlog. I have added a 
link to the plaintext variant of the phlog to my main 
gophermap and to my moku-pona. I have tested this with Diggie
Dog just now and this works. 
Sorry 'bout that!
want to try out using fudge dice, but I love my tavel yahtzee
roller. So, bought another 1989 Milton Bradley Travel Yahtzee set
and a set of fudge dice. I am going to carefully open the vintage
roller aparatus and place five fudge dice (a complete set plus one
of another color if I feel like increasing odds) inside. I'll post
photos when done...
Ice Age Campaign session - Nid and Irefist break camp where they
had been staying as Nid prepared the dire wolf hide, and continue
following the Aurochs. Nid wears the hide draped over his helm
and down his back like a cape. They travel all day, yet do not
cover a lot of ground due to the terrain. They make camp next to
a pond nestled between two mountains. That night in camp, Irefist
recounts the legend of the Dire Wolf of the North, whom Krom slew.
The next day before they could break camp, an Ice Giant named Icchi
encounters their camp. He is not hostile, however, he dislikes that
his solitude has been interrupted. Nid offers Icchi a bear steak
ration which he accepts (even though it is merely a single bite to
him), and Irefist performs a ritual of blessing to bestow luck upon
the giant. They part without a fight and the two cromagnons travel
aproximately one mile up the mountain and make a secure, hidden
I have two characters, cromagnons living in 35,000 years before
present in the area between France and Germany. Nid son of Pildoor
is the chief of the Bone Clan. He is 30, and has some Shamanic
training. Irefist son of Aerden is the Bear Clan's shaman. He is
loyal to the diety Krom. Half the clan was visiting the Fishmen
tribe (a group of cromagnon fishermen), on the last day of the
visit, Irefist burnt the intestines of a goat and had a vision in
the smoke of the fat. "Climb into the mountains to find my leg. In
the cave of five hands by five hands terror it lies hidden. Follow
the aurochs..." Nid has his cousin Tibers take the clan on their
trip back to their home camp, and he and Irefist set out to follow
the aurochs.
In tonight's solo session they enter the hex with the mountain
containing the cave, some 15 miles distant and treacherous. Day 1
has an encounter with an arctic fox (drawn via a deck of cards,
looked up via a table I wrote) they eat this fox. they travel a
paltry 4.5 miles this day. On day two, partly cloudy and still,
no wind, a dire wolf enters their camp. Nid dispatches the beast
in a fight that leaves him unscathed. They spend most of this day
and the next preparing the wolf hide. On day 3 as Nid continues
to work the hide, Irefist keaves to hunt. He encounters a brown
cave bear. The 42 year old shaman is no longer young, but his
skill is impressive. He safely ends the bear's life. He butchers
and prepares 10 daily rations (5 per man) in addition to a large
feast for tonight. In addition to the bear meat he also found some
pleasant tasting nuts.
Session EOF
I have many maps and details for my ICE Age Campaign. I think I
shall start playing it solo tonight. Well, roll up characters
in any case. I may end up turning this into a release on
DriveThruRPG... we'll see.
I have this weird urge to delve into using ed... curse you hacker
Wikipedia random article[0] as a springboard for RPG situations...
going to rewrite my phlog script to be all-in vim... it'll be fun!
Ever got pissed off at an OS? I ran pkg install on my laptop, and
FreeBSD decided to do ~500MB worth of updates, uninstalls, and
installed the one program I asked for of course. The list was long
enough to scroll the screen, so, thinking nothing of it (stupid) I
typed y. Next thing I know, firefox, dolphin, calibre, and a host
of other programs are gone. Some of which no longer live in pkg.
Fuck it. Linux installed in 10 minutes. Music copying back over now
after git cloning my dotfiles. I just want my shit to work how I
want my shit to work, is that so wrong?
I include my note app output in my daily remind email to myself (which
includes an ical  file for the remind portion). I  want to include the
notes too. They are  single line notes, but can also  be links to text
files. I am  looking for something like an atom  feed to generate from
the notes, but that works from a  generated file to be attached to the
email instead of being hosted on a public facing server. Know anythhig
standard that works  like this that has a consumption  app on Android?
Let me know!
UPDATE: I wonder if  this is even needed... I made  an addition to the
note script on my  phone (in termux) that adds an  -sd (sync down) and
-su  (sync up)  options  which  simply use  scp.  Does  a nice  job...
although a nifty  standard notes agregate file type would  be cool. In
b4 dot tee ex tee, in b4 OP can't in b4...
In 2015, at the request of a kid in Santiago, Chile that I was
FB `friends' with, I made a music video for his one man music
project. Apparently he's been signed to a major label and they
just filed a copyright claim on my video. Fuck them, fuck him. I
deleted the video. I never truly liked him anyway. What a shitty
made a simple weight tracker app inspired by tomasino... except the
plotting software he used in his won't run on my freebsd pi. so,
stuck to gnuplot, which does not work for some reason with my date
stamps. fuck it. at least it graphs.
So close to going home I can taste it. Man, am I ready to be home
with my family. So very ready...
It is the middle of day 15 of 21 in North Dakota. I am increasingly
cranky, but holding it together. Things are going pretty smooth.
I haven't really had the inclination or energy to write in my
main phlog while I'm up here in North Dakota. Working 14 hour
days and doing a lot of driving. Tomorrow morning I am driving
from Dickinson to Williston, then taking a jaunt through the Fort
Berthold reservation where the MHA Nation calls home. Another
action packed day I expect...
One week in North Dakota down, two more to go. Washing the seven
days of clothing I brought with me right now. This hotel has a free
laundry room, and a nice kitchenette in the rooms. I have been
poaching eggs for breakfast daily.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
#By Nathaniel Leveck on 20180330
#Written on a FreeBSD box, for Linux change
#gtac and gsed to tac and sed
USAGE="\nNOTE by Nathaniel Leveck 2018\nUSAGE:\n\
\t$0 [-h|--help] (this usage message)\n\
\t$0 -a \"Text to add\"\n\
\t$0 -d # (deletes note #)\n\
\t$0 -x # (toggle note # completed flag)\n\
\t$0 -l (lists noncompleted notes)\n\
\t$0 -la (lists all notes)\n\
\t$0 -lc (lists completed notes)\n\
\t$0 -t \"search term\" (search noncompleted notes)\n\
\t$0 -ta \"search term\" (search all notes)\n\
\t$0 -tc \"search term\" (search completed notes)\n\n"
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
  printf "$USAGE"
elif [ "$1" == "-a" ]; then
  gtac ~/.notes | gsed 's/^[0-9]*:\t//g' > /tmp/tt && rm ~/.notes && mv /tmp/tt ~/.notes
  printf "$(date +%y%m%d.%H%M) ( ) $2\n" >> ~/.notes
  gtac ~/.notes | awk '{print ln++  ":\t"  $0 }' > /tmp/tt && rm ~/.notes && mv /tmp/tt ~/.notes
elif [ "$1" == "-l" ]; then
  printf "\n#\tNOTES\n=\t=====\n" && printf "$(cat ~/.notes | grep '( )')\n\n" | more -E
elif [ "$1" == "-lc" ]; then
  printf "\n#\tNOTES\n=\t=====\n" && printf "$(cat ~/.notes | grep '(x)')\n\n" | more -E
elif [ "$1" == "-la" ]; then
  printf "\n#\tNOTES\n=\t=====\n$(cat ~/.notes)\n\n" | more -E
elif [ "$1" == "-d" ]; then
  gsed -i "/^$(head -$X ~/.notes | tail -1)$/d" ~/.notes
  cat ~/.notes | gsed 's/^[0-9]*:\t//g' > /tmp/tt && rm ~/.notes && mv /tmp/tt ~/.notes
  cat ~/.notes | awk '{print ln++  ":\t"  $0 }' > /tmp/tt && rm ~/.notes && mv /tmp/tt ~/.notes
elif [ "$1" == "-x" ]; then
  xx=$(head -$X ~/.notes | tail -1)
  if [ -z $(printf "$xx" | grep "(x)") ] 2> /dev/null; then
    gsed -i "/$xx/ s/( )/(x)/" ~/.notes
    gsed -i "/$xx/ s/(x)/( )/" ~/.notes
  cat ~/.notes | gsed 's/^[0-9]*:\t//g' > /tmp/tt && rm ~/.notes && mv /tmp/tt ~/.notes
  cat ~/.notes | awk '{print ln++  ":\t"  $0 }' > /tmp/tt && rm ~/.notes && mv /tmp/tt ~/.notes
elif [ "$1" == "-ta" ]; then
  printf "\n#\tNOTES\n=\t=====\n" && printf "$(cat ~/.notes)\n\n" | grep "$2" | more -E
  printf "\n"
elif [ "$1" == "-tc" ]; then
  printf "\n#\tNOTES\n=\t=====\n" && printf "$(cat ~/.notes)\n\n" | awk "/$2/ && !/\( \)/" | more -E
  printf "\n"
elif [ "$1" == "-t" ]; then
  printf "\n#\tNOTES\n=\t=====\n" && printf "$(cat ~/.notes)\n\n" | awk "/$2/ && !/\(x\)/" | more -E
  printf "\n"
  printf "$USAGE"
Up here in North Dakota, dontchaknow. Done a lot of driving in the
last three days. Drove from Southwestern Wyoming through South
Dakota to Dickinson, North Dakota. Then all over western and
northern North Dakota yesterday. Yep.
Pretty much ready to go, I have seven days of clothes tightly
rolled and loaded into a carry on sized suitacase with enough room
to still pack my cpap (yeah, I use one) and toiletries. My backpack
loaded with RPG stuff and my tablet, chargers, etcetera. My field
bag is already packed at work. Now to relax and enjoy home.
Driving to North Dakota in the morning for work. Going to be there
for three weeks. I am bringing a setup for paper/pencil/dice solo
gaming. I have elected to leave my thinkpad home and only bring my
Android/Debian 8in tablet and mini keyboard. I will have my work
provided workstation laptop for work stuff. It'll provide me with
a lot of alone time. A lot of driving around the state. I have not
been on an oil well location since 2014 so it will be nice to be
back out. Kinda like a work/vacation.
on gopher: no changes. period. freeze it. call nothing abuse except 
tracking. if you want security, use torify. lynx is the one true 
client. the world keeps spinning. YMMV.
uggggghhh taxes. every year I wait until the last minute. I 
never fail to get a refund, but the mere fact I am being 
taxed on money made, money spent, money inherited, money 
my kids'll get from me, money I saved for retirement... 
FUCk! During the next 20 years I will research allodial 
title. I want to get out from under the government's shoe. 
It wasn't supposed to be this way. Thanks 14th and 16th 
amendments - corporate personhood hitching on emancipated 
persons, and the IRS. 30,000 years ago is where I want to 
tomorrow is my last day off before I go to North Dakota. I 
will be packing, etc. I also have some last minute stuff 
arriving in the mail for my imagination quest. Another set 
of chessex dice, and a leather 1in three ring binder that 
looks like an old book, but with a zipper. I have settled 
on Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls as the ruleset for my playing. 
The binder will hold the rulebook I have already printed 
out. I am looking forward to solitary hotel time to explore 
this. What a treat.
Registered, pointed all local sectors to it. still functional for older links.
Drove to Worland, WY to see my son yesterday. He is doing well. 
He seems to be taking everything to heart. It was so nice to 
spend time with him.
On the way up, my wife and I began talking seriously about moving 
to Thermopolis, WY after retirement. It is gorgeous up there.
playing a freeform RPG solo w/ an empty map. came upon a 
flame demon named Harold. The oracle table determined 
Harold wanted to be my friend and join me... I dunno 'bout 
I am driving to Worland, WY with my wife and youngest 
daughter tomorrow to visit my son in boy-prison. It is 
bittersweet and yet we are all very excited to see him.
I am feeling pretty tired this morning... another coffee 
should help. I can sleep in tomorrow. So glad.
Copying ~120 movies to a drive for the North Dakota 
Feeling pretty good today
man, did zlg's last phlog really strike a chord! No matter 
how extravagant the gophermap, it cannot begin to approach 
the fuckery of the www. Hipsters as a term for them is 
apropos. I have been given the same speech by the same 
I read the entire v5 T&T rulebook just now. I was right 
about the better understanding of combat. It can draw 
out, but seems like the imagination building I seek will 
be aided by this.
purchased the Tunnels & Trolls v5 rulebook pdf because 
I think it will solve my confusion over combat
It strikes me that gophermaps already are feeds.
We screw this up by adding "i" lines to them.
I am as guilty as you.
added Tunnels & Trolls free rulebook + solo adventure to 
RPoD GAMES section: gopher://
entry in my personal remind file: install Motsognir on my 
Ares 8A Android/Debian tablet (yggdrasil).
combat in Pocket Dungeon is simple and straight-forward. 
Tunnels & Trolls will take some reading. This is tonight's 
shit. some of the procedural stuff on pencil+paper RPGs takes study!
I think I'll start a twitpher...